What Is Zen Body Therapy?

Zen body therapy is a holistic healing system that seeks to align and balance the structure, function and energy of the body. It balances the soft tissue of the body in order to restore full function and movement to all parts.

Zen body therapy is based on the therapeutic principles of Rolfing, Feldenkrais and Zen.

How does Zen Body Therapy heal?


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How Does Zen Body Therapy Heal?

Any trauma that is faced by the body or mind, no matter how small or insignificant it may be, has an effect on us. The effect of this trauma results in an obstruction of the vital life energy that flows through our bodies. This leads to loss of energy, mental unease and may even result in physical ailments. Once this occurs, it slowly clouds all aspects of our life and prevents us from realizing our full potential. Zen body therapy removes these blockages and thus helps the body and the mind realize its full potential.

Zen body therapy consists of ten sessions of deep tissue massage. Each of these sessions have a specific goal and it is advisable to complete all ten sessions in order to harness the healing power of Zen body therapy to the fullest. In the first three sessions, the therapist addresses the soft tissue on a superficial level and removes any blockages that have accumulated there over the year. At the end of these three sessions patients report relief from most aches and pains and a deep sense of relaxation. The next seven sessions concentrate on deeper work that focuses on one part of the body at a time.

This helps to release all blockages no matter how old the trauma that caused it.

A typical session of Zen body therapy can last from forty five minutes to an hour. Therapists use their fingers, hands, knuckles and elbows to massage and reposition the body's connective tissue. Although some patents have reported slight pain while the blockages are being released, this eventually gives way to a deep sense of relaxation.

What Are The Benefits Of Zen Body Therapy?

Zen body therapy has numerous benefits. It helps to make the connective tissue stronger and aligns them. It helps in repairing the damage caused by past traumas -; physical and mental. It helps in pain relief and relaxes the entire body. Zen body therapy also makes the patient look and feel younger and energetic. It takes away all the deadweight of past traumas and allows you to maximize your potential.

Zen Body Therapy
Zen Body Therapy
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