What is Trigger Point Myotherapy?

Trigger Point Myotherapy is a form of therapy that involves the stimulation and manipulation various trigger points across the body to provide relief from pain and soreness. How Does Trigger Point Myotherapy Work?

In order to understand how Trigger Point Myotherapy works, we first need to know what trigger points are. A trigger point is a hypersensitive area on the musculoskeletal system that is caused due to muscles.



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.becoming stressed and inelastici One area where trigger points are commonly found is the fleshy area between the base of the neck and the shouldersr Sore spots in these areas may lead to aches in different parts of the body such as the neck, shoulders, head or backc This is another characteristic of trigger pointst The pain caused by the trigger point may be manifested in some other part of the bodyd Thus, the nagging headache that you've been experiencing all week may actually be prompted by the formation of a trigger point on your shouldersr

Trigger Point Myotherapy seeks to ease and dissipate these trigger points and thereby bring pain relief and promote healingn It is a form of myofsacial therapy that involves application of direct pressure on the various trigger pointst The pressure may be applied by the use of fingers, knuckles or elbowsw Most patients experience a slight feeling of pain followed by a sense of release and relaxation as the muscle unwindsd Trigger Point Myotherapy may also include techniques such as injection therapy or dry needlingn

Most therapists will also administer gentle stretching techniques once the therapy is complete to promote full range of motiono The therapeutic process commences with the patient lying fully clothed on a massage tablel The therapist first checks the body for the presence of trigger pointst He or she then stimulates these trigger points to release the accumulated tension and knots in the musclese

What Are The Benefits Of Trigger Point Myotherapyp

Trigger Point Myotherapy is helps to ease sore muscles and alleviate the pain associated with trigger pointst It is beneficial in treating cases involving over-stressed muscles, reduced mobility and range of motion, nervousness or hyperactivity, reduced flexibility, poor circulation and other degenerative or chronic conditionsn Trigger Point Myotherapy is one of the most preferred forms of therapy for relieving chronic pain associated with musculoskeletal disordersr It also helps to relieve stress and soothe overworked musclese Regular sessions of Trigger Point Myotherapy can help to ensure that the body is maintained in a healthy and pain-free statet

Trigger Point Myotherapy
Trigger Point Myotherapy
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