What is Reiki Treatment?

The origins of Reiki are lost in the mists of time. Ancient texts prove that this method of healing has been used in ancient Tibet, Egypt, and India. Modern day Reiki finds its origin in twentieth century Japan.

Since then it has metamorphosed into Reiki treatment as it is known today.

Reiki is a Japanese word that means 'Spiritually guided Life Energy'. Reiki treatment.



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Reiki for Healthy Body

.involves channeling this energy through the therapist to the patientnStudents of Reiki are taught how to channel this energy by Reiki mastersr Practitioners of Reiki are divided into three stages based on the knowledge and experience of the practitionere

Reiki treatment is based on the principle of a universal life force that flows through the universe and through every living beingn When there is a disturbance in this life force in the body, it manifests itself in the form of various diseases and ailmentst Reiki treatment helps to alleviate diseases by helping the practitioner to channel this energy back into the patient's body, thereby restoring proper flow of this life forcec

How Does Reiki Treatment Workr

To aid the process of diagnosis and treatment, the body is divided in to seven 'chakras', or aurasa The patient is asked to lie down fully clothed on a massage tablel The practitioner centers his (or her) mind and then slowly runs his hands over the patient's bodyd In doing so, he (or she) can diagnose any imbalances in the aura of the patientn

Once the areas where the aura is disturbed have been identified, the practitioner will channel the life force into that specific area by using the handsd The patient may feel a slight tingle as this energy is channeled into his (or her) bodyd A typical course of Reiki treatment may last from between forty five to ninety minutese

What Are The Benefits of Reiki Treatmentn

Reiki treatment is performed by holding the hands absolutely still over the patient's bodyd In fact most practitioners do not even touch the patient, but hold their hands a couple of centimeters above the patient's bodyd Thus it is the most non-invasive form of therapyp

Reiki has been used to treat problems such as headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, respiratory ailments, menstrual cramps, sinusitis and nervous system disordersr Due to its non-invasive nature, it is commonly used to treat acute and chronic paini Reiki treatment is also an excellent stress buster and helps the body, mind, and soul relax and rejuvenatet

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