Reiki and Weight Loss

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice. According to reiki, life giving energy or ‘ki’ enters the body through parts in the body called chakras.

There are seven main chakras in the body through which this energy enters, the head or crown, the third eye, the throat, the heart, the solar plexus, the belly, and the root chakra.


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Reiki for Healthy Body
As per reiki, most of our problems are due to imbalances in the energy flow. Reiki helps bring about balance, thereby restoring physical, spiritual, emotional and psychological balance, leading to complete healing of the mind, body and soul. 

Reiki is practiced placing the hands over or on the chakras and rectifying any imbalances. In traditional reiki, the hands usually do not touch the body but seem to manipulate a field around the body. In westernized reiki, however, the hands are placed directly on the parts of the body where the chakras are believed to be located.

Reiki and Weight Loss

Unhealthy weight gain is attributed to an imbalance in the flow of energy, resulting in carrying an excess weight that is not normal. Reiki is believed to help restore the flow of ki and balance the problems that cause the accumulation of weight in the first place. According to Reiki, each chakra in the body is responsible for certain functions. The belly or the spleen chakra, which is present right under the stomach, is responsible for our emotional wellbeing.

When there is an imbalance in the flow of energy in this area, there will be problems related to eating, resulting in either overeating or eating disorders.

Additionally, the solar plexus chakra is responsible for will power. Any imbalances of flow of energy in this area will result in will power related problems. Healing the chakras in the spleen as well as the solar plexus is believed to help manage weight problems. While there is not enough proof documented that alternative therapies such as yoga and reiki help lose weight, most people who practice yoga and reiki to lose weight, tend to swear by it. People who practice reiki believe that they are more relaxed, more emotionally stable, and as a result more capable of controlling their weight.

The use of mind body therapies like reiki by people for various health reasons has increased drastically over the last decade with more people aware of the wellness benefits of such practices. However, reiki should not take the place of regular medical care.

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