Healing Touch Therapy

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on January 8, 2013

Therapeutic Touch Therapy

Therapeutic touch therapy or healing hands therapy is basically a gentle natural energy based therapy that emphasizes on compassionate healing and heart centered care. This healing touch massage therapy involves the use of non invasive gentle touch or physical contact to help influence and bring back energy, balance and harmony to one's body spirit and mind.


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The basis of the healing touch physical therapy is the belief that the human body is always surrounded by a natural energy field also known as "chi" which is made up of energy centers that facilitate and control the flow of energy from this energy field to the actual body. Most times, patients of the healing touch therapy tend to fall into a state of deep calm and may eventually fall asleep as well. This is because during this therapy the energy levels of the body tend to becomes balanced and smooth.

Healing touch therapy is used to supplement conventional medicine and is hence used as an integrated healing program. It is used to help in treating diseases or medical conditions like cancer, drug abuse or even for those battling against trauma. It has been observed that the healing touch therapy is beneficial to those suffering from back and neck pain, anxiety, depression, headaches etc as it promotes self healing.

Reiki therapy is another healing touch therapy that aims at directing the energy from ones energy field to the body through the practitioner's hands and through meditation. Various reiki therapies belong to the group of therapeutic touch therapies that are known to improve the patients overall sense of well being both physical and spiritual. Similarly the chakras therapy is based on the principle that at the core of the body lie seven wheel like energy centers called chakras which have the ability to receive, absorb and even transmit energy. Chakras therapy aims at bringing the chakras back to their natural state of frequency and vibration such as touch, color, light and the nervous system as well. Quantum touch is yet another healing therapy that involves touch, body awareness meditations and breath work Quantum touch therapy is basically a light touch therapy which may be used to help bones to adjust to their natural alignment. Healing touch international is an organization created to certify the only recognized Healing touch program completed by the students of Janet Mentgen's Healing Touch Program Some of the benefits of healing touch therapy include reduction of stress, lower anxiety levels, decreased dependence on medication, better circulation of blood etc.

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