Reiki for Children

Reiki is a holistic, natural and safe form of healing. It is based on the principle of the life force energy that harmonizes as well as balances and rejuvenates the energy flow through the body, mind, and spirit.

Since it doesn’t require any specific intellectual capacity or special spiritual development, anyone can be attuned to it, even children.


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Reiki for Healthy Body

Reiki principles and teachings can help children learn to deal with stress, anger, respect for others, and channeling their energy positively. It also helps them in improving their concentration levels, enhances self-esteem and self-awareness as well as promotes relaxation and balance. Since the treatment and practice is non-invasive, it is considered safe.

Reiki during Pregnancy

Unlike other alternative therapies, Reiki is said to be safe during any stage of pregnancy. Reiki practitioners use a combination of hand positions, and meditating on crystal grids and symbols to bind and concentrate the energies to the client for healing. This form of treatment helps alleviate symptoms and stress that is common with pregnancy like nausea, anxiety, and lack of sleep. It also helps during labor, to control and reduce pain, making delivery easier for both mother and child. It is important though to consult your doctor before trying any complimentary therapy. Always check for credentials, ensure that the practitioner has basic first-aid skills, is a member of a professional Reiki organization, and has basic knowledge of human anatomy and physiology.

Cost of Reiki Treatment

Reiki treatment costs vary depending on the area in the country and the experience of the Reiki practitioner.

The fees could be anywhere from $25 to $100 for each session. There are practitioners who offer free sessions or accept donations in place of a fee. Reiki as a treatment by itself is usually not covered in health insurance however some insurance policies cover it if it is part of some other treatment like physical therapy or palliative care, or if it is delivered by a licensed medical care professional or nurse as part of routine care during hospital treatment. Reiki students offer lower fees as they gain hands-on experience. Fees for learning Reiki differ from what is charged for healing sessions. Charges for teaching Reiki would depend on the organization and experience of the Reiki master, as well as on the purpose of the learning.

More and more hospitals in the United States are using Reiki as complimentary therapy. 15% of 800 hospitals in the US offer Reiki therapy. There are very limited clinical studies and research done to prove the success of Reiki as complimentary medicine.

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