Reiki Attunements

Reiki is a form of alternative medical practice, and it is an energy healing practice. This form of therapy is not very old, although its roots are believed to be quite ancient.

Reiki was established in 1922 by Mikao Usui, a Japanese Buddhist. The term reiki comes from the words ‘rei’, which means ‘higher or superior being’ and ‘ki’, which means life force or energy.


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Reiki for Healthy Body

Reiki is performed by clearing the energy field that is believed to be present around the body. This is done by placing the hands just over or on top of the body, over the seven main chakras or energy transformers that are believed to help bring ki into the body.

Similarities to other alternative approaches

In Traditional Chinese Medicine as well as other ancient Eastern cultures, it is believed that our life is based on a flow of energy that runs through us. When this flow of energy is disrupted or blocked, problems follow. Reiki too works by clearing out any blockages in ki or the life force.

Reiki Attunements

Reiki, unlike other alternative medical practices, cannot be learned; it needs to be transferred from the Reiki master or guru to the student. The transferring of knowledge or ability to perform reiki from master to student is called reiki attunements.

What reiki attunements do is that they enable the student to also practice reiki on themselves and others, helping relieve stress, anxiety, and other problems. Once a student receives the power to perform reiki from the master, he/she is a receiver and can receive energy from the source, wherever the source may be.

Reiki Levels

Reiki learning is done in three levels or degrees, levels 1 and 2 and the master level. Once the second level of reiki is completed, a type of healing called distance healing can be done, in which the healing can be done from far away without close physical contact with the recipient. In some cases, there is also a fourth level of reiki that incorporates reiki surgery; it is a highly advanced level of reiki and is not normally taught.

Who can be initiated?

Not everyone can be initiated into reiki. Practicing reiki does not need academic training or any other kind of skill; it is simply transferred from the master to the student by opening channels in the body that will help receive the information from the master.

Once the transfer happens, the student can start practicing reiki almost at once. There is no need for further learning or practice as the attuned person is directly connected to the higher source of energy, enabling them to initiate the healing process.

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