A Chakra Massage for a Healthy Mind and Body

Submitted by Allan on December 14, 2012

Our world has come a long way since the last century. Large strides in technology have made the impossible, possible, and life has become so much easier in many ways. However, this has not resulted in the improvement in the quality of life in an individual. Today, more than ever, people suffer from stress and anxiety. From work-related problems to finance to personal relationships, there are many factors that lead to apprehension and mental unease.


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Balancing Energy Flow in Body

In order to combat stress, many people have turned to alternative therapy to help calm the mind. Energy healing methods like Reiki are gaining popularity in the Western world as a means to improve the mental condition. According to Reiki, several energy circles correspond to the major organs of the body.

An obstruction in any of these energy circles can cause either mental or physical illness. Reiki is used as a means to work through this obstruction of the energy circles, thereby bringing the body back to its normal functioning.

Research indicates that energy healing such as Reiki can help patients who suffer from depression and anxiety. Alternative methods such as these can be easily done at home without added costs. There are seven chakras or energy sources in our body:

  • The solar plexus chakra
  • The navel chakra
  • The root chakra
  • The throat chakra
  • The heart chakra
  • The crown chakra or the head chakra
  • The third eye chakra or the forehead chakra

Each chakra corresponds with a major organ within the body. A chakra massage involves all massaging the points in the body that correspond to the seven chakras. Here is a step-by-step guide that will take you through a basic chakra massage:

  • Guide the person to either sit on a chair or lie down on their stomach. The setting should be comfortable with no interruptions from outside. Soft soothing music and incense is not necessary, but adds to the atmosphere. 
  • Find the spot on the back that coincides with the solar plexus chakra. Press it firmly for a few seconds and then massage gently.
  • Move on to the point in the back that corresponds to the heart chakra. Repeat the process.
  • Move up to the throat, locate the throat chakra and massage for a few minutes.
  • Circle your hands around persons head and press lightly.

The chakra massage can help to ease tension and stress and leaves the individual feeling bright and cheerful. Consult a certified healer to get an accurate idea of the location of the chakras.

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