Mind Control Techniques

(June 15, 2011)

How to control our mind and develop mental strength and spirit?

The brain is an interesting organ. It is the nerve center of the human body that controls all functions and motions of the body. It decides everything you do, feel, think, taste and hear even. So if you realized that you can control your mind with mind control techniques, wouldn’t it be a cool technique to learn? Mind control is defined as a tool for coercion but not in the positive sense.

Mind control historically has been known for being a coercive instrument and for mental abuse. That notion is slowly changing as people are using mind control techniques for better goal realization. The mind control techniques rely on the subconscious state of the human which is why it is so easily misused. There are many who suggest that advertising employs mind control techniques to convince consumers to buys things they would not ordinarily need.  Hypnotic mind control is when a one person or a group of persons using another person in an unethical fashion, without explicit consent. In such cases, the person in the hypnotic trance is very susceptible to the power of suggestion. This type of a mind control technique is what has given the mind control techniques a bad name today. Mind control has always been used as a trick and used in ritual abuse, in manipulation, in memory manipulation, and in brainwashing. As brainwashing and mind control has such negative connotation, people find it difficult to see that mind control can be used in a positive manner.

Mind control is also associated with drugs and people with the substance abuse problems are believed to be more susceptible to mind control. But whether it is entirely mind control or an addiction pattern is still being researched on.  Modern science and psychiatry has a history of even conducting mind control experiments. Such incidents make mind control a scary concept but it can be used in a positive manner. Mind control also crops up when talk turns to cults and conspiracy because that is the only acceptable method that people could possibly join cults.  There are also studies that suggest that living close to cell towers can lead to brain damage and make the mind susceptible to mind control. There isn’t too much truth in that yet.

The mind control technique of today is not the same as it used to be and does not require that you put anyone under any spell. Mind control techniques exist today. Mind control comes from practicing mind control techniques. These techniques are considered a new form of persuasion. Mind control techniques are often mistaken for hypnosis but that isn’t the case.

Mind control exercises help you gain power over the mind. These exercises teach you to visualize you goals on a regular basis, evaluate them regularly to see whether you are on the right track and staying positive so that you can achieve those goals. Visualizing and constantly evaluating help in training in mind control and indicating to your brain what you want and need to do to achieve it. These exercises help you understand your own capabilities better and therefore equip you better to achieve your goals.

Sometimes hypnosis can be used in a positive sense. It can rebuild self esteem and help get rid of other emotional baggage, after which mind control exercises can be done with ease. It is also important to learn the skill of observation. Observing people, things and events around you will help learn newer things about yourself.  It is also important to know how to listen. Being a good listener is very important. It shows you even how to develop meaningful relationships. Small lessons that you learn while doing mind control exercises will also help you in not just in your personal life, but also in your professional life.

Yoga is a very effective tool to learn mind control. It is a method which teaches you how to become one merging the mind and the soul. Yoga has many asanas for mind control. You can try asanas that better concentration, teach you focus and centering of thoughts.  Breathing in yoga slowly leads to better mind control and also an improved metabolism which also improves the overall functioning of the body. Breathing and relaxing slowly is the key. Yoga even concentrates on the sensory organs. Conquering your sense organs is one step closer to the conquering the mind says the philosophy of yoga. The sense organs are directly linked to the brain and often something looks or smells pretty because your brain tells you, not if it is really pretty. So conquering your brain versus the sensory organs through meditation is often a big step for mind control. Yoga can also help visualization of goals better.

Mind control techniques are all about mind power. These techniques teach the mind how to free up its power through control. If you can control your mind, there are many things that you will be able to do better. Mastering these techniques help the brain to stay positive and alert. Positive reinforcement and mind control exercises are also shown to players who can use these techniques in ball games. Music has certain notes that are believed to resonate to different frequencies in the brain, making the brain more susceptible to commands. There is special acoustic music that is designed to relax you and make the mind control exercises to do. There is even a band called Mind Control which releases music called Tantric music. Mind control is a subject not often rallied about and since it was used a method of torture, it has even made an appearance in popular culture. There are chairs that have been created to resemble chairs used to torture and gain mind control.

Research in mind control has shown that there is a certain kind of fungus called the zombie fungus. This fungus grows through the bodies of ants and takes over their brains, making them do what they want. Scientists are still studying how this particular trait can be used.

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Yoga helps to increase concentration by increasing the functions of the body. It provides proper exercise to the body and offers freedom from negative thoughts surrounding the human mind. The human mind is full of emotions and thoughts; they could be negative or positive ones. Yoga helps the human mind to concentrate at one point so that one can get rid of the variety of negative thoughts blocking the human mind.

Yoga poses also helps in controlling the breath as breath control helps to increase the concentration. It increases the analytical abilities of the human mind and body, this increases the level of concentration of the human mind. Meditation can be practiced once an individual is comfortable with the exercises of yoga as well as breath control.

Meditation helps body to stay in a different thought free world so that one can concentrate on eternity. It also helps to build the sixth sense by providing calmness and comfort to the people. Breathing in and out deeply and exhaling the air with thrust helps to remove the negative thoughts from the mind. To have the same posture for long time along with deep breathe helps to increase concentration and free oneself from the multiple thoughts covering one's mind with various emotions.

Yoga helps to increase the visualization of action and it also helps to have a better self awareness. Knowing things better, helps to work better and have guaranteed and sure results. It also provides complete relaxation to the mind and the body and elevates the thinking ability of the human being. All five senses can be used to have better visualization of things and that helps in better concentration. It increases power of all senses so that one can use it to the fullest to hear, see, smell, taste and touch things in a better way. With better senses, one can always know and understand things better and work out with better approach so as to have guaranteed results.

Learning new things can be difficult for some people. Yoga helps to increase the visualization of the scene better so that one can understand the situation better and concentrate in order to have desired better results in various aspects of life. It helps to set rules for oneself and work out with proper deadlines so that one can work in a better way so as to have guaranteed and fine results.

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