Kundalini Yoga Training For Good Health

The Kundalini is a source of tremendous power and energy that is located near the base of the spine. It is usually depicted as a coiled or sleeping serpent in ancient Indian religious and Yogic texts.

The power of the Kundalini is largely untapped in most human beings. Kundalini Yoga uses a series of physical and meditational techniques that when practiced regularly, unlock the full potential of the Kundalini



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Kundalini Yoga training also improves the communications and harmony between the mind and the body. It encourages psycho-spiritual growth and fosters the development of the endocrine system and the spine.

Kundalini Yoga training teaches you a number of different postures, chants, movements, breathing patterns and concentration techniques. All of these movements are designed specifically to restore the harmony between the mind and the body and to awaken the nascent power of the Kundalini. The Yogic techniques include the lotus position, spine positioning exercises, stretching and core conditioning, different technique s of breath control and meditation. Core Power Yoga asanas may also help building your strength.

What are the benefits of Kundalini Yoga Training?

Kundalini Yoga lays a lot of emphasis on linking movement with breathing patterns. It also focuses on stimulating the Chakras, or energy vortex, or auras of the body. A Chakra or aura is an energy vortex that spins around the body. Human beings have seven main Chakras that start from the base of the spine.

Kundalini Yoga trains us to improve the energy patterns and vibrations of these Chakras and to remove in imbalances or blockages in them.

Kundalini Yoga training also increases awareness of the self and the universe. It heals the body and the mind and provides strength and well-being. It also helps to bring about mental and spiritual clarity, emotional balance and stress relief. Kundalini Yoga is also a very powerful tool of bringing about personal transformation.

The ultimate aim of Kundalini Yoga training is of course to awaken the powers of the Kundalini. Once the Kundalini is awakened, it releases tremendous energy and allows a person to realize his or her full potential in life. Even a gradual awakening of the Kundalini can help a person to become more creative, achieve a great degree of mental control and experience peace and inner joy. It enables the individual to become stronger, mentally, spiritually and physically. It also instills self confidence to deal with the most adverse of circumstances.

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