Kundalini Yoga and 3 Nadis

Nadis play a vital part in Kundalini Yoga> The term Nadi is derived from the Sanskrit root 'Nad' meaning 'motion'; "Nad" means movementt In the Rig Veda, 'Nad' means 'stream';

Nadis are the channels of Kundalini energyy Composed of astral matter Nadis are the astral tubes that carry Prana, vital force or psychic currentss Again, despite all its highly developed technologies and microscopic instruments, modern science,,



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.has not been able to perceive them because they are created from such subtle matter; nor can man perform any test-tube experiments on these phenomena on the physical planen Further, these Nadis are different from the ordinary Nadis, nerves, arteries and veins known to Ayurvaidsd Yoga Nadis are poles apart from theses

Kundalini Shakti, when awakened, flows through the Sushumna Nadid However, this is possible only when the other Nadis have been open up through cleansing and purificationo So, the first step in Kundalini Yoga is Nadi purificationo Hence, a detailed knowledge of Nadis and Chakras, their locations, functions, nature, etct, is imperativev

The three primary Nadis are Sushumna, Ida and Pingalal

  • Sushumna: The major Nadi or nerve channel passing through what corresponds to the spinal column, starting from the Muladhara Chakra at the base to the Sahasrara at the apex of the heada Yogic practices awaken and raise this Kundalini Shakti or energy, lying dormant in the Muladhara, through this channel via each chakra up to the Sahasrara Chakrar
  • Ida: Feminine in nature, this is the channel of physical-emotional energyg

    It is also known as Chandra ("Moon") Nadi, is pink in color, flows downward and ends on the left side of the bodyd
  • Pingala: This is the channel of intellectual mental energy and is masculine in nature andn It also goes by the name Surya ("Sun") Nadi, is blue in color, flows upwards and ends on the right sided

Actually our system consists of countless Nadisi Authorities on the subject differ on their numbers from 72,000 to 3,64,0000

The subtle Yoga Nadis, have a profound influence on our physical bodiese All the subtle Pranas, Nadis and Chakras have gross manifestations and operations in our physical bodyd The gross nerves and plexes are closely related to the subtle onese A point to be well understood, as the vibrations produced in the physical centers have corresponding effects on the astral planen Hence the benefits of Pranayama, particularly in Kundalini Yoga and Yoga Therapyp

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