How to Awaken Muladhara Chakra?

(January 18, 2013)

Muladhara Chakra

The muladhara Chakra or root chakra is known to be the seat of the kundalini power which lies dormant in this chakra. The Muladhara chakra is considered to be the root from where the various life force impulses tend to cross the rest of the six chakras and reach the crown chakra thereby allowing the individual to experience the widest expansion of their state of awareness.

Location of muladhara chakra

The location of the muladhara chakra will vary for men and for women. In case of men the muladhara chakra is located exactly between the anus and the scrotum whereas in case of women it lies near the cervix, on the posterior side.

Muladhara chakra awakening

Muladhara chakra awakening can be achieved by practicing the moola bandha or the perineal contraction kriya as well as the nose tip gazing or Nasikagra Drishti kriya. Both of these kriyas are aimed at increasing one’s mindfulness to concentrate on the root chakra so that the dormant energy residing in the individual can be awakened. While practicing these kriyas, you should ensure that they should be practiced systematically and slowly so as to allow the dormant energy in the root chakra to rise through a clear and clean channel thereby resulting in awakening.


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