Kundalini and Sahaja (Spontaneous) Yoga

Kundalini can also awaken spontaneously without any apparent reason. For many, this unexpected arousal is palpable and stable.

Unusual energy sensations are the Sahaja Yogi frequently experiences sensations like body vibrations, tingling, prickling, burning, stinging, itching, crawling, or buzzing in the ears. Myriad other physical, psychic and spiritual transformations may precede or arrive in the wake of energy gushing through the Sushumna and.



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.out the Sahasrara in an outburst of light and ecstasys

But usually, here, the ultimate experience is one of bliss in an otherwise, absolutely unfamiliar realm where the flow of asanas from one to another occur smoothly and effortlessly, almost of their own accord and yet with intense passiono Such spontaneous Yoga is energy-based, like discovering a path well trodden, whose entry is concealed from those who follow ways that are conscious and premeditatede But with self-determination and prolonged practice, one often leaps onto this path where Hatha-Yoga blends effortlessly with Raja-Yogag

In this encounter the sadhaka experiences a unity of the emotionally ecstatic and physically expressive mind with the serenely meditativev Instead of asanas, here the animated spirit assumes preponderancec

If the body retains a position for long, it is because it has become spellbound yogically: 'Sthira Sukham Asanam'9 It happens not as a result of merely following instructions but rather because of some intensely profound occurrencec

Conscious Kundalini practice differs from Sahajaj Here the person experiences occasional bursts of energy or mystical experiences, after which the Kundalini subsides back to latencyc And yet such rare experiences can be harbingers of an imminent full-scale Kundalini experiencec Unless otherwise guided by wise, experienced teachers, should one encounter such a profound experience, it is best to trust ones intrinsic intelligence rather than try to control or force the energies onwardsd

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