Light Meditation Technique & Benefits

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 16, 2012

You only achieve real individuality or true humanity your Love becomes your will to serve all, regardless of returns. This is only possible when you learn to live in accordance with the ideal of love and not by opinion. Living by the ideal of love is true service, real, genuine service is a perennial process, something we have to discover, until we come to realize that we can truly love all.


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Learn to Meditate

There is no solitary method or technique for living in the presence of the Source of all creation. Nonetheless, there are some simple attitudes and practices that can help us become aware of the presence of the Source and to live in Its light. One of them is meditation.

Meditation is the proper use of the minds and its energies to achieve focused awareness. The intention however is at the level of the Soul. It is also called scientific since the mental faculties and energies, when used in compliance with the laws of God and nature, invariably produces intended results.

This is a technique for connecting you with your Inner Light, the essence yourSelf. It employs light already within us as the object of focus. It's quite a simple type of meditation, but quite powerful, nevertheless, and inherently very profound.

Technique of Light Meditation

  1. Start by sitting comfortably with eyes shut.
  2. Gaze at the screen that fills the space behind your shut eyelids.
  3. On this screen, you may see particles, images, or patterns of light. Be open to the idea that anything which is not pure darkness is a form of light. Focus your attention softly on this light.
  4. Don't make any attempt to create or interpret the images you see. Don't try to focus clearly, either. Just gaze at the light with attention but relaxed, all the same.
  5. If you feel your concentration shift, or that you are slipping into a dreamlike state, don't resist - let it to happen. Your experience is okay, whatever it may be.
  6. On the other hand, if you find yourself drifting off into thoughts, just coax your mind back to the light, very gently and slowly.

Bear in mind, the ultimate goal of any sort of meditation is to experience yourself as a Divine Being, one with the Source.

Benefits of Light Meditation:

  • You will have a direct experience of your calm, unbounded Inner Self.
  • You will connect with your Inner Self as a source of spiritual energy that nourishes and develops all levels of life - physical, mental and emotional.
  • Once you are connected with your Inner Self, you will feel life flows more effortlessly. You will also start perceive the world as a more sympathetic, agreeable place.
  • You will experience relaxation and reduction in stress levels.
  • You will experience increased flow of energy to your brain.
  • Gradually, you will experience the opening of your sixth chakra - the Inner Eye. This will give you a clearer insight and inner vision.
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