Can paraplegic people have kundalini awakening?

(May 25, 2012)

Kundalini awakening can happen to anyone. To answer this question properly one must first understand what kundalini awakening means. Translated from Sanskrit, the term Kundalini awakening means the ‘descent of grace.’ The concept of kundalini is found in almost all religions in different forms. At its core it refers to a higher power that can release the potential residing in each and every one of us. This release of energy and transmittal of power refers to the awakening of the kundalini and can occur through various ways such as rituals, prayers, chanting, meditation, yogic practices, and service to others to name a few. Once the kundalini is awakened, the experience can run the gamut from emotional chaos to profound stillness. Kundalini awakening can be linked to a cosmic makeover and no matter what the manifestations; the person concerned will never be the same again.

Different schools of yoga have different approaches to awakening the kundalini. However, most agree that yoga and the aspiration to a higher self has no limitations where abilities are concerned. There is nothing stopping a paraplegic or handicapped person from having a kundalini awakening. While there may be limitations to the types of yoga asanas or poses the person can perform, all he or she needs is the assistance of a knowledgeable guide or teacher to make the necessary adjustments to their practice. What is most important is the dedication and devotion to the practice of yoga and pranayama along with the will power to succeed.

Submitted by C D on May 25, 2012 at 06:04

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