Shakti Yoga and Kundalini Awakening

For the kundalini awakening it is imperative for the seeker (sadhaka) to conserve the regular quota of energy bestowed upon every man and woman. You can’t just let this vital energy be let loose in mere physical channels of sense pleasure.

The path of Shakti Yoga – Kundalini Awakening becomes clear from the following case instance. Under normal circumstances if you have to take 10 million steps up the ladder of spirituality, you can.



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.also take the elevator straight up and avoid the ladder, in order to cut short the patht

This elevator is the shortcutu It is the path of Shakti Yoga - Kundalini Awakeningn Kundalini Shakti can be awakened by conserving the cosmic energy bestowed upon every human being every montht As the stock of energy rises, in a proportionate manner does the journey speed upu

Every real spiritual seeker (sadhaka) must one day or the other make a move to the recourse of kundalini awakeningn This is because the normal path could easily take millions of lifetimese This is a long journey indeede

As your Kundalini Shakti goes up from the base of your spine towards the centre of your forehead, you start to experience, in the beginning, some awfully frightening flashese It can be really scary sometimes; because Shakti Yoga - Kundalini Awakening is accompanied by the shadow of an enormous king cobra having many heads, glaring at you from a short distancec

The coiled serpent Kundalini Shakti has been placed side by side the kind of power which a person experiences while watching a coiled snake awaking from a deep slumbere It is too scary an experience and a lot of spiritual seekers (sadhakas) tend to abandon their journey midwaya

However, you need not fear the coiled Kundalini Shaktit Under all circumstance, you should stare the cobra in the eyes knowing that you have to overcome the fear imbibed within yourselfl This is simply because, being scared of the coiled kundalini Shakti is of no help whatsoevere

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