Maha Shakti Yoga

Maha Shakti Yoga, also considered the way of the Divine Inner Energy, or Kundalini Shakti, is a tradition that embraces all practices and philosophical frameworks with the ultimate aim that supports unfolding the Kundalini Process. Philosophically speaking, Maha Shakti Yoga borrows from a number of other systems that have a common view.

That Divinity is innate in all creation (the Universe).


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All that we see is the transfer of conscious energy. Going by to Tantric principles and beliefs, this energy in its dynamic state is perceived as a feminine principle (called Shakti). This same energy is seen as the masculine principle (called Shiva), when it becomes static. However, Shiva and Shakti are one and inseparable. This is just like in a painting, where we not distinguish between the canvas (stillness) and the paint (dynamism).

Shakti is supposed to carry out 5 principle functions. These include Creation, Preservation, Destruction, Concealment, and Revelation. Of these the one most relevant to the Maha Shakti Yoga practitioner is the principle of revelation. It is also called the Guru principle.

The Guru is perceived as the vehicle of this meaning and purpose by initiating the Maha Shakti Yoga process. By way of this process, the guru makes a more direct connection to the Supreme energy possible.

Viewed from a realistic point of view, Maha Shakti Yoga is a simple, down-to-earth approach to everyday life. The principles are based on living a life in way that you are not overpowered or overwhelmed by it. Rather, you learn to view and take in daily life situations as opportunities for growth. Moreover, you get chances for spiritual development. In the practice of Maha Shakti Yoga, they are never taken as obstacles. Sooner or later, the differences and dissimilarities between spiritual and worldly life fall away. This happens as we start to realize that the Supreme is accessible and at hand under all circumstances.

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