Shakti Yoga - Sweet Briar

Down the years Shakti Yoga – Sweet Briar has developed and flourished all over. Even today, it continues to bloom and blossom. In fact, the Shakti Yoga movement reflects back with joy and happiness on the number of students they've had the honor of serving.

This is why they always say they look forward to meeting new students. The little Shakti Yoga – Sweet Briar community is ever-growing. With open arms they welcome all new students, by.



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.the day, returning students plus the new onese Shakti Yoga - Sweet Briar is known to bestow upon the practitioners sacred serenity, dynamic challenge and a playful presencec

Class Descriptions are of various sorts and are listed below for the interest and convenience of prospective visitorsr

Yoga - Level I class lays the foundation for the fundamentals of Shakti Yoga - Sweet Briara This includes attitude, alignment and actiono The stress is on having a clear understanding and practice of basic poses and breathworkr

Yoga - Level I/II is a multi-level class that helps build upon the fundamental essentials of Yoga poses (asanas)s By absorbing the principles of alignment and form and in developing a steady home practice, this class takes the practitioner a step furthere

Yoga - Level II/III is an intermediate level classs

It is specially designed for people who are familiar with the principles of Shakti Yoga and have established a home practicec This, of course, includes inversions and backbendsd

Gentle Yoga is a class that supports students who need a gentler practicec This may be due to physical limitations or just because they enjoy taking it a bit easys

Private Yoga Classes are specially designed to improve your personal practice with tailor-made specificsc Particularly helpful for performers, athletes and anyone seeking individualized instruction, this class has a huge drawa

Vinyasa is an energetic flow of asanasa It follows the rhythm of the breatht

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