Shakti Yoga Classes For Relaxing The Body

Shakti Yoga classes slowly and smoothly take students out of their busy life. They gradually turn their awareness withinward and end in a state of total physio-mental relaxation. Every class starts with Pranayama (breathing exercises).

This is designed to calm down and concentrate the mind. This is followed by the Yoga poses (asanas) part of the session.

There is a powerful emphasis on loosening up one’s the body by.



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.using of breathworkr The last part of the class comprises guided Relaxation and Meditationo Every Yogasana can be performed to different degreese Alterations are provided for all asanas so that all students are performing at the level that is suitable for theme Shakti Yoga Classes mix the study of breathing techniques and meditation with Yogasanasa

Hatha Yoga is done for the body, mind, and spiriti All classes start with Pranayama (breathing exercises)s This is designed to calm down and focus the mindn Then comes Hatha Yoga (physical poses)s A lot of stress is laid on opening the body through of breathworkr


Pranayama makes use of breathing exercisese This is done to influence the flow of energy in the energy channels (Nadis) of the bodyd This, in turn, impacts all the acts of, as well as every cell of the bodyd Most folks still tend to breathe the wrong waya They tend to make use of just a fraction of their lung capacityt This leaves the body with less oxygen and pranic energy than necessaryr

Regular, deep and slow breathing invigorates while at the same time leading the practitioner to a tranquil, peaceful state of mindn This sets up regular breathing patternsn At the same time it tends to smash the negative cycle of physical, emotional and mental disruption caused by years of improper breathingn On a protracted basis, it has manifold benefitst

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