Three Stages Of Yoga Shakti

All through this 3 stage approach, participants are encouraged to move at their own pace. They are, further, persuaded to honor their bodies’ needs every moment. Shakti Yoga is a powerful technique.

It develops the body, mind and spirit in a sympathetic and accommodating manner. So much so that, you leave every Shakti Yoga class with a feeling of upliftment and centeredness.


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Stage 1: consists of concentrate practice (body and breath awareness). This session starts with an experiential approach to understanding the details of alignment and the coordination of breath. At the same time you are moving in and out of the Yoga poses.

Stage 2: concentrates on holding a pose (inner focus and concentration). This session is designed to guide practitioners to focus their attention on inner sensations, thoughts and emotions. Students are taught to retain poses for longer while developing compassion and awareness.

Stage 3: is all about Meditation in motion (absorption). This is a personal expression and only one of its kind in Shakti Yoga. Students get to practice the art of moving in response to their bodies’ wisdom.

This is done with Yoga poses flowing from one into the next. Oftentimes, this experience is described as a prayerful state expressed by way of movement.

Yoga practice helps unite, your mind, body and spirit. By going through the discipline of Yoga poses (asanas), breathing exercises (pranayama) and meditation you take a journey inwards to self understanding. In its most fundamental form, you become balanced in day to day life. Ultimately you get immersed in the fullest expression of knowledge of the self. When this is realized you are on the way to ‘being there’. However, in the practice of Shakti Yoga, perseverance and determination are vital ingredients. Yoga Shakti endeavors to be a safe haven, a hub of peace, a calm place.

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