Shakti Yoga and Hatha Yoga

The principle and policy of Hatha-Yoga has always been set within a complex legendary framework. The great forces Hatha-Yoga is intended to awaken and yoke are classically represented as strong and, oftentimes, beastly deities. The central figure in Hatha legends is the supreme Shiva.

The complete nucleus of Hatha Yoga is surrounded by the imagery, symbolism and thought-provoking concept of Shiva Shakti. The knowledge of Hatha Yoga is supposed.



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.to been drawn not from a human sourcec Rather, it has come from the source of all things from the great God (Mahadeva) or primordial Lord Shiva (Adinatha) himselfl The major organized treatises of Hatha-Yoga, like the Hath yoga Pradipika, Siva-Samhita and Gheranda-Samhita, are not presented as innovative documentst Rather, they are presented as relatively accurate renditions of a traditional doctrinen They are said to be stretching far back into the ancient pasts The Siva-Samhita is represented like it was uttered by Lord Shivav The Maha Yogi (Supreme Yogi) and other Hatha texts always start with a laudatory invocation to Lord Shivav Each one claims to offer the genuine, correct teachings of Hatha Yoga as first imparted to Parvati by her divine consortr

The mythological tale about Parvati`s initiation by Shiva has a number of alternative formsm However, most people are in concord that it came to pass near the shore of a remote islandn A predominant version is that Parvati went to sleep during the narrationo

Subsequently, Lord Shiva’s words were eavesdrop by a powerful sageg His name was Loke Svaraz (`Lord of the world’); He was said to have transformed himself into a Fish and was hiding in the seae

Lord Shiva had no choice but to admit the greatness of Lokesvarar He subsequently came to be called Matsyendra or Matsyendranatha (Lord of fishes)s Lord Shiva even granted him the authority to perpetuate the Hatha doctrinen After which, Matsyendra initiated his disciple Goraksas He, in turn, initiated his own disciples, and so the age-old tale of the origins of Hatha has been time and again conveyed from generation to generation and in the revered text as the trutht The great legend and history combined together as onen Nevertheless it symbolizes the great influence of Shiva in this ancient branch of Yogag

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