Shakti Yoga Shala - Divine Shakti

The Shakti Yoga Shala was set up by Samantha Shakti-Matthews and Bradley Brown. This institute is dedicated to the life-affirming path of Yoga.

They deem it very important to set an example and provide an education to live a life of sustainability and compassion. At the same time, one that honors the balance of the Divinity within all human beings. The aims and objectives of the Divine Shakti Foundation is to provide for the well being of women, their children,


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.and orphaned and destitute kids of Indiai  The trust identifies their needs, then designs and implements programs to support theme This is more so in the case of orphans and destitute childrene The seek to help them to be socially and financially independent The Shakti Yoga Shala hopes to raise awareness of the problems of women and kids through education mass media and programsm Besides, they are also engaged in activities for the conservation of Mother Eartht Above all, they concern themselves with protecting holy Ganges River and providing safe and natural environs for India’s revered cowsw

The first project of the trust concentrates on developing an orphanage-cum-sanctuary for some of the young people who have fallen on hard timese  The home they are planning to construct for girls is supposed to be a beautiful haven where they will receive food and sheltere Further, the will also get an education as well as training that will help them become productive members of societyt Moreover, these girls will get guidance, support and lovev All this will empower them to really embody concept of "The Divine Mother" rather than to fall victim to feelings of unworthinesss

Shakti is said to be the Divine cosmic energy aspect of the Supreme Being (Shiva)a

Shakti is that energy of the cosmos which preserves the universes This energy also makes it disintegrate at the time of destruction (Pralaya)a Shakti is the name given to the dynamic forces of the Universe and is the divine feminine while Shiva is the divine masculinen Thus, Shiva and Shakti become two divisions of the one wholel Every individual possesses the power to be an empowered balance of botht Shala is a very old Sanskrit wordr It means a holy placec Such a place is, normally, a sanctuary, a refuge, a space to enthuse balance, concentration, motivation, strength and flexibilityt It is a place constructed for the community of the heartr

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