Shakti Yoga

(July 4, 2010)

What is shakti yoga?

According to Hinduism, Shakti yoga is a process which stimulates the central nervous system which is known as ‘kal darshan’. This process helps activate all the senses and also activates every nerve in the body. The full Shakti process or the power is focused on a single point. This process of this particular form of yoga serves to integrate the mind, body and the spirit. One needs immense discipline while practicing asanas, pranayama and the meditation set in Shakti Yoga. It is believed that an individual sets himself in the journey towards self understanding through daily and regular practice of Shakti Yoga.
The practitioners of Shakti yoga believe that when Shakti yoga is practiced with complementary levels of bhakti, an individual ca n achieve optimum benefits of his whole being. And by doing so on daily basis, Shakti yoga becomes balanced in everyday life and also in its fullest expression and knowledge of oneself. They also believe that with Shakti yoga people can create an ageless body with god-like powers. They work towards achieving unity and cohesiveness as yogis and yoginis through commitment and perseverance to achieve the oneness of the spirit called as yoga. These days one can find numerous teachers who teach numerous versions of Shakti yoga. Most of them do not have the right sources of Shakti yoga. The versions of Shakti yoga are tampered and not proper.
There are different methods employed to create Shakti yoga some of them are as follows:-
•Shastar vidhya which is the science of martial arts.  
•Karsat which is known as the cross training.
•Gatka whish teaches the accuracy in balance as well as co-ordination.
•Juan vidhya which helps understand the balance between strength and weight ratio.
•Cardio vascular training this helps in improving the bodily functions.  
•Intuitive archery or the royal art requires understanding of Shasta vidhya which requires a person have huge amount of strength which can be accumulate through practice of this form.

Shakti yoga revolves around emphasizing the relation between Shakti and bhakti. Shakti yoga consists of uniting or merging these two energies. With the practice of Shakti yoga one achieves humility and wisdom. Apart from this one can also experience power and endurance. It is believed that the fusing of bhakti and Shakti yoga creates an energy called as Adi Shakti. Shakti yoga demands a lot from an individual. The benefits or consequences one achieves by practicing them, however, are indescribable. There are plenty of Shakti yoga retreats which enable people to get more acquainted with their spiritual side.

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