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(November 9, 2010)

how to perform ...Raja yoga....lakshmi yoga. ..and simhasana yoga

The meaning of Raja is kingly or royal. The practice of Raja yoga helps in channeling an individual’s life force to balance the emotions and the mind. The life force is made to move along the spine until the mind and emotions are calm. The awareness in this mediation is focused on a point at the middle of the lower forehead. There is plenty of information on this yoga style but it’s not as popular as the other styles of yoga.
To perform Simhasana (Lion pose) yoga you have to be in the Vajrasana position. Keep you back straight and your hands on your thighs. Take in a deep breath and exhale with your mouth wide open. Keep your tongue extended out and eyes pointing up in the direction between your eyes.  Stretch out your arms and spread your fingers on your knees. Remain in this position while you inhale and exhale two to five times.
An abundance of information on yoga can be found in books as well as the internet. It is a good idea to carry out some yoga research before you start practicing. This will give you a basic idea of what you can expect in yoga. Gathering information on yoga will also give you knowledge and inspire you to perform the different styles sincerely.
Bikram yoga is an intensive sequence of 26 asanas (postures) and two pranayamas (breathing exercises). This yoga can be done by people of all ages and ability levels. Bikram yoga helps stimulate the nerves, glands, and organs. It also increases the blood circulation and improves the functioning of the body. Information on bikram yoga can be found in the different books on yoga.
Getting information on meditation and the different styles can be very beneficial to you. Some types of meditation help in treating a particular condition as well as improving general wellbeing. By collecting information on meditation you can figure out which one will be suitable for you and pursue it.
It will be useful for you to have knowledge and information of pilates exercises and their movements. This will enable you to become familiar with the exercises before you begin the classes which will give you confidence and the preparation needed. The practice of pilates exercises help to improve the strength and flexibility of the body without giving you muscles that are bulky. There are around 500 different exercises designed to work the entire body.
Making an effort to get information on yoga can be very useful. As there are numerous styles of yoga, knowing the benefits of each one will help you choose which ones which will be suitable for you to practice.  It is important that you don’t start practicing the positions just from the information on yoga that you have. A qualified instructor should always be present, especially during the initial stages. This is essential as some of the yoga positions if not done correctly can cause injury.

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While Raja Yoga is a form of yoga, lakshmi yoga is not a form or pose that can be taught. Lakshmi Yoga or Ashtalakshmi yoga is related to the astrological birth charts of an individual, as studied in Hinduism.

Raja Yoga is also known as classical Yoga or simply translated as royal union. Raj Yoga belongs to the school of Hindu philosophy and is one of the six orthodox disciplines in the sutras of Yoga. Raja yoga is concerned primarily with the development of the mind with the help of meditation to progress the individual's acquaintance with the state of reality and ultimately accomplish liberation. This particular school of yoga concerns with the development of the mind, and is used to strike a harmonious balance between the self and mind.  It requires rigorous self-discipline in order to advance further, more importantly; the individual must be in good health and also be of sound mind for advanced aspects of this particular discipline to be attained. This particular form of yoga needs in depth training from a yoga teacher, as it is possible for the individual to experience hallucinations instead of advancing into higher consciousness. Raja Yoga comprehends and distinguishes itself from other disciplines of Yoga by promoting the mind to stave off the kind of preoccupation in obsessive practice session (including other conventional yogic methods) that can produce delusive mental shadows.

The simhasana pose on the other hand is a position or an asana in yoga that is performed to treat various disorders and other respiratory malfunctions. In order to practice this pose you must first place yourself in the position of vajrasana. Now slowly raise the buttocks upwards, just a little, while crossing the heels from the right leg to the left.  Gradually sit on your heels while placing both your hands on your knees and spreading out your fingers.  Open your mouth wide and bring out your tongue as far as possible while maintaining a nasal gaze throughout this particular position. As you slowly return back your normal position, take back your tongue in, slowly release the pressure on your knees and hands and finally loosen your fingers.

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