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(September 12, 2010)

i'm doing yoga for weight reduction, but many people said that yoga will show very late result.. this is true or not.?

Yoga is one of the most ancient forms of exercise. It is a physical and mental set of exercises based on the thought of achieving good health, a long life, personal freedom and keen sense of self-understanding. The meaning of the word yoga is union. It is believed to be the union of the mind and body to achieve greater health. Yoga can benefit a persons’ mental health by helping him or her relax, as it is a very effective form of psychosomatic therapy. Yoga is a form of exercise that is suitable for people of any age or physical condition, as it does not involve any exhausting exercise. People who are physically challenged can also find a yoga routine that can benefit them. It has also been used over the years as a natural remedy for weight loss and to treat a lot of psychological problems, metal disorder, mood swing, and depression. Asanas or physical poses are an integral part of yoga practice and information on yoga asanas is necessary for anyone interested in the discipline.
A yoga exercise is called an asana which is designed in a way to help you reduce stress and anxiety thus leading to better health and concentration through out the day. Yoga asanas are plentiful and adaptable meant to address every part of your body, from the muscles, to the joints, tendons and even function of the internal organs. It is important that you gather adequate information on yoga Asanas before you begin practice however because they can also be destructive if not done with proper guidance. Asanas are performed in various ways such as sitting on the ground, twisting the body, back bending, balancing, lying down and some by standing up erect.  Practicing yoga asanas is therefore not as simple as it may seem and even having a lot of information on yoga asanas may not help much. Asana’s should be done in a sequence for best results. You can get information on yoga sequences from any site or yoga schools. The sequence given to you will depend on whether you are a beginner or at an advanced stage of yoga. Each asana is meant to benefit some body part and is designed in a way to make your body strong by exercising all the muscles. Two forms of yoga called Vinyasa Yoga and Pranayam are very effective for weight reduction. There are plenty of book available that will give you information on yoga pranayam.  Pranayam is based on breathing exercises which are done while seated. This asana will help arouse the internal energy and make you healthy and active. There are also a lot of books that will give you information on yoga vinyasa. In this form the poses are supposed to be gentle and in a balanced series. Your breath leads the way and your form. In this form of yoga you are supposed to let your body turn loose and feel as light as air. Using yoga for weight reduction is a slow process and you may not loose weight as fast as you desire however it will give you healthy weight loss as well as inner peace.
Keep in mind that the best source of information on yoga poses and sequences would be an experienced instructor at a yoga studio, rather than an online resource or dvd.

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Information on Yoga 

It is true that yoga does not offer a quick fix solution to weight loss. Yoga is a holistic approach in achieving optimum health in the body and in the mind. Weight reduction with yoga means concentrating on specific yoga postures or asanas that help increase the metabolism and burn calories while reducing stress all at the same time. More importantly yoga is known as a way of relaxing while exercising. This is because yoga burns much less calories than other forms of sports or exercise such as jogging or swimming. But certain types of yoga such as ashtanga or power yoga burn more calories than the conventional forms like Hatha-yoga.

It is always prudent to understand the reasons and symptoms of stubborn weight loss. Diet plays a very important role as unhealthy eating habits can contribute to lack of weight loss. Moreover other factors such as psychological pressures like depression, frustration, anxiety etc. as well as hormonal or endocrine abnormalities are also a cause for stubborn weight loss. Once you are aware of the factors causing slow weight loss, yoga can help to control the factors of overeating and hormonal imbalances. Yoga if practiced as an art of living will provide better answers to mental concentration, in staying active while providing positive strength for the body and mind.

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