Stress Management With Yoga Diet

With more and more demands of work and home life, a lot of folks cone under tremendous stress, these days. Stress is, by and large, a physical reaction and occurs when a person feels threatened or overwhelmed.

In fact, even the observation of a potential threat is as stressful as a real one. You see a situation as possibly threatening or feel overwhelmed since you have to deal with an extraordinarily large number of daily responsibilities.


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So much so that, stress in one particular situation can affect stress levels in the other settings, too.

Yoga Diet for stress management together with other stress reduction techniques can definitely help people cope with stress. These could result from events such as divorce, losing a job, troublesome kids, caring for sick relatives, preparing for exams, or just commuting on a daily basis.

In fact, recent studies show that diet changes actually reinforce stress management techniques. They revealed that response to a plant-based diet tremendously helped in stress reduction. Patients were encouraged to increase consumption of plant-based foods like whole grains, and leafy green vegetables, beans and legumes, and fruit. At the same time they were told to decrease the intake of meat, dairy products, and refined carbohydrates as part of their stress management training. This essentially consisted of meditation, Yogasanas and breathing exercises.

The vegetarian diet and other stress reduction techniques were found very effective in reducing the stress rates significantly, indicating a reduction in the rate of progression of other related illnesses as well. The results are encouraging proof that going in for a vegetarian diet, together with other stress management techniques, help attenuate disease progression and have therapeutic potential for management other related diseases. Here’s what we suggest

  • Have a balanced, nutritious diet: Be careful of what you eat. This largely includes a vegetarian diet, as mentioned above. Healthy eating habits stimulate your body, as well as your mind.

    Make sure to have a leisurely breakfast every morning. It is one thing that will help keep you going all day through. Further, having a few balanced, nutritious meals throughout the day will give you the energy to think clearly and wisely. Remember, well-fed, healthily nurtured bodies are better prepared to cope with stress.
  • Cut down sugar and caffeine: Get out of the habit of having too much sugar and caffeine. With too much of these – the highs they provide are only temporary – often the end result is fatigue or a crash later on. You’ll feel far more relaxed, less nervy or anxious, without them. In fact, you’ll even find yourself sleeping better. Further, you’ll have lots more energy, less heartburn and less muscle aches.
  • Keep away from alcohol and drugs: While having drugs or alcohol might seem to alleviate stress, it is only illusory. When you are sober, the stress and problems will still be there. So, don’t hide the issue at hand. Rather, deal with the problem head on and with a clear mind.
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