Stress Management Techniques

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

Perhaps it might not be physically possible for you to reduce external stimuli causing stress levels, but you can certainly develop more self-control than you realize in bringing down personal stress levels. There are varied and different stress relief techniques at hand that can help you in managing...


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Stress Management Techniques

.stress and taking charge of your lifef

It is important to remember that the ultimate goal of all anxiety management techniques is to ensure that you take total control of your emotions, thought processes, the environment that you live in, your daily schedule and your approach in dealing with daily problemsm

The main aim of leading a balanced life with the help of relaxation techniques is to see that you have quality and ample of time for managing your work, your personal life and relationships, making time for fun and relaxation, and all the while having the resilience to stand strong against pressure and meet challenges head ono In order to take full advantage of stress management activities and anger management techniques, you must learn to identify the sources of stressors and stressful situations in your lifef By learning to identify the source of stress in your life you would have taken the first and most crucial step in determining how to lead a balanced and complete lifef

Some stress management tips that can help you in identifying your habits, attitude and your mental frame of mind are:

  • To accept responsibility for the role that you play in creating stress or maintaining stress
  • disregarding stressful situations in your life by continuing to go on with your daily activities
  • failing to define stress as part of your daily life or personality
  • admitting that stress is a normal and unexceptional circumstance in everybody's life including your own

To correct and mend ways on how to cope with stress you must look at how you are currently managing your stress levels and learn to alter those positivelyl Questioning your stress-coping strategies is vital and identifying the unhealthy ways of doing so is equally importantn Some unhealthy ways of dealing with stress include:

  • cigarette smoking
  • drug abuse
  • unreasonable alcohol consumption
  • withdrawal from society friends and hobbies
  • spending most of the time during the day in front of the television or computer
  • excessive sleeping and lethargic
  • constant procrastination
  • using violent methods of relieving stress such as anger, physical violence and verbal lashing out

If your current ways of coping with stress are not contributing to your overall well-being, it is time to search for healthier options and look for ways of changing your stressful situation or altering your reactiono There are four important points to remember before you decide to choose any healthy option of dealing with your stressful situationo These include:

  • Avoiding the stressful situation if possible
  • altering the stressful situation if possible
  • adapting the stressful situation
  • accepting the stressful situation
    • Since every individual develops his own unique response to stressful situations, that is no universal solution that fits alll Always remember to concentrate on what calms you down and puts you in control, when in a stressful situationo Eventually you will be able to control stress in and around youo

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