Facial Exercise & Yoga For Wrinkles

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

Facial exercises can be used to stimulate blood flow and circulation. This can be very beneficial to prepare the skin for facial treatments, to relieve tension, or assist in treating some medical conditions. Facial exercises can help the more than ten bones and twelve muscles in the region; this includes all of the numerous branches of nerves, arteries, and veins.


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Done on a regular basis, these exercises can help slow down the aging process of your face. During a facial massage (a form of facial exercise) that is performed by an estheticians or RN, the face is massaged in circular patterns that allow the toxins to drain through and be cleansed by the lymph nodes. This can help relieve puffiness in the face.

When you choose to do facial exercises at home, you must be careful. If too strenuous and excessive pressure is applied in downward motions you can cause the opposite effect of what you want. You can pull the skin too far and cause wrinkles instead of preventing them. To help prevent more damage you should avoid doing the following:

  • Do not scrub your face too strenuously
  • When cleaning your face, do not use a downward motion. Instead use an upward motion
  • Try not to lean your face on your hand or other objects
  • When sleeping, don't sleep on your hands. If you like sleeping with your hands under cheek, chin or other parts of your face; then break the habit
  • Believe it or not; don't drink through a straw

The sucking action can cause wrinkles. The best way to do facial exercises is by using yoga. The lion pose-Simhasana-is an ideal exercise for the face, mouth, eyes and neck. Simhasana allows your facial muscles to expand and contract. This improves blood circulation to the face; which in turn directs more oxygen and nutrient content to the face. Another benefit, the stretching relieves tension in the face. The eye exercises helps remove nerve weakness by keeping them stimulated and healthy. Yoga involves the mind, body and soul. Finding a balance can benefit your overall life for the better. Less stress can equal better health. Doing the facial exercises every day and learning to relieve the stress in your life will not only help your face; but will help keep your mind and the rest of your body from being stressed. Less stress can mean not only fewer wrinkles but also fewer headaches caused by tension.

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