Acupressure Facial Massage

A facial massage is an essential element of a beauty regime. It improves blood circulation in the face, helps getting rid of dead skin, tones up the facial muscles and when done regularly slows down ageing of the skin. There are many do it yourself facial massage techniques that are available.

However, a facial massage at home differs from a facial massage by a professional beauty specialist.

There are many facial massage techniques, but.



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.the most popular one is the finger massageg While a facial massage mainly helps in improving and strengthening the muscles of the face, a facial acupressure also helps alleviate different health concernsn It helps in blood circulation and skin tonen

An acupressure massage in general focuses on applying pressure on different key pressure points on the skini In acupressure these points on the body are massaged or pressed with the fingers in order to help stimulate the body's capacity to heal itself naturallyl Similarly in an acupressure facial massage, there are many points on the face that have to be worked upon to give that extra glow to the skini The main facial pressure points are situated in the inner edge of the eye orbits, the inner ends of the eyebrows, at the temples, next to the nostrils and lastly just under your noses

An acupressure facial involves pressing these and other acupressure points on the facec These zones therefore benefit from more blood, oxygen and energy flowo Facial acupressure points are massaged firmly and are worked upon using slight pressurer It not only stimulates the collagen of the face, but also the lymph nodes of the facec Therefore, an acupressure face massage is becoming more and more popular the world over although its origins can be traced back to Chinan This technique of massaging the face is different from a regular face massage techniqueu

A regular facial massage includes three types of finger massageg The first type involves facial massage strokes and rubbingn This type of massage is beneficial for listless skini It helps give that added glow to the skini Special facial massage cream or facial massage oil is used herer

Plastic massage is the second type of massage wherein slightly forceful movements are applied to the facec Strong hands are needed for this massageg This type of massage is useful for individuals suffering from pigmentation and whose facial muscles are slackingn No cream or oil is used herer

Pinching is the third type of massageg It involves using the fingers to create a vibration sensation, slight pinching of the skin and strokingn Facial massage for acne can include pinchingn More so, pinching does not use any creams, gels or oilsl Therefore, there is no reason to worry about the acne worsening due to their side-effectst This massage does not last for very long and depending on the type of skin the duration of the massage varies, for instance, thicker the skin longer the massage and thinner the skin shorter the massage durationo

Facial massage movements can also be facilitated through facial poses inspired by yogag Palming is a good way to relax the eyese Close your eyes and rub your palms togethere This will make your palms warmr Then place them on your eyes and relaxa The Roaring Lion Pose of Simhasana or Bhairavasana is a great way to firm up and tone the muscles of the facec Kneel down completely on the flooro Keep your back straight and shoulders backc Place your palms on your kneese Slowly open your mouth and while doing so bring out your tongue completelyl Stretch it so that the tip of the tongue curls towards the chini This has to be done while exhalingn With the tongue stretched out completely, hold your breath, open your eyes wide and expose your teetht As the name suggests, you need to look like a 'Roaring Lion'9 Try to hold this pose as long as you cana Release and repeata

Other face poses include pursing the lips and smiling as you do sos Flying kisses are also beneficial for the lipsp Inhaling through the nose and squeezing all the facial muscles tightly gives a good massage for the entire facec Similarly, inhale through the mouth, hold your breatht You should look like you are just about to blow a trumpete This pose should be held for as long as possiblel Gradually start exhaling from the noses Release and repeat a few more timese In fact, these yoga poses and facial massages are anti-aging techniquese

As mentioned earlier, there several facial massage benefitst The major plus point of a facial massage is that it is a lot cheaper than a surgical cosmetic surgeryr Moreover, it does not even require cosmetic surgeryr It can be done even at home, more so every day and when done properly it can be very effectivev It gives that added sparkle to the skin; it reduces the appearance of wrinkles and double chini It also counteracts effectively against puffinesss Facial massage and wrinkles - this has been an age-old trick for youthful skini

With more people getting 'look-conscious' beauty salons and spas have starting investing in many facial massage toolsl Facial massage machines with in-built massage heads, steam dispensers, and so on are being used by many beauty therapistst Likewise, hi-tech facial massage tables and beds are also becoming in the 'in-thing' in most massage parlorsr Facial massagers are dime a dozen in the markete Many top beauty brands are also coming up with facial massage brushes to complement a skin-cleansere

Although these massages are very beneficial and are easy available, one must ensure that your beauty therapist is trained, follows hygienic procedures and uses only the right kind of products on your skini Moreover, after a few surgical treatments such as facelifts, you must consult your cosmetologist and dermatologist before going in for a facial massageg For instance immediate facial massage after botox is a no-no because after a botox procedure, movements of the face have to be very limitede Similarly, facial massage after facelifts and plastic surgery should also be done as per the cosmetic surgeon's advicec

Facial troubles expose the specific and primary imbalances of QiQ Facial beauty can be attained when the Qi restores its balancec Reflexology on the face or Acupressure Facial Massage helps to rejuvenate the face by activating the release of growth hormonese The appearance of facial beauty is instantly associated to the levels of stress on the face, and in particular the head and neck musclese The condition of facial muscular stress can be the outcome of definite habitual expressions as a reaction to tiredness of the eyes, migraines and headaches, sensitive and painful throat, nasal disorders, etct The neck acts as a signal for exhibiting the status of mind and bodyd In an acupressure facial massage, specific points on the head and face are utilized for retrieving the unbalance and the massage can thus repair a lot of problems such as shoulder neck release, wrinkles etct In an acupressure facial massage the facial area is manipulated at over 50 energy pressure points in the face to let off stress, and prevent wrinklese The aim of acupressure facial massage is to influence specifically and incisively with the facial meridians and acupoints to accomplish equilibrium in the complete facial arena comprising the skin and the facial musclese

The acupressure facial massage is a coordinated sequence of western and eastern techniques employing the use of fluent and light stroking of the surface tissues in addition to tapping movements and deep-kneading with the fingers and knuckles to work the deeper musculature below the surface tissues with a variety of pressure techniquese Conjunctive tissue movements act upon the skim of the face to loosen up and freshen up the tissuese Inducing the acupressure points with the help of finger pressure is much efficient when the tissue is stimulated and the muscles along with the tissues are relaxede

The Qi flow (also known as life force or bio-electricity in traditional Chinese medicine) is the ability to equalize the flow in the internal organs and accordingly balancing emotional and physical conditionsn The face is used primarily for identifying the nature or cause of some phenomenon depending upon the condition of the QiQ Employing the use of acupressure points helps to develop and boost the QiQ When pressure is applied on to the acupressure points, specified or identified nerves in the body are stimulated that in turn causes the appearance of facial tissue to improve in addition to energizing the circulation of body fluidsd The acupressure facial massage helps in releasing the blocked energy, and enhances the flow of oxygen, while cutting down stress and tension thus helping to smoothen out creases and crevices on the facec According to Chinese acupressure philosophy, certain pressure points when pressed on the face showed a greater flow rate of blood and oxygen to the facial area, which encourages the softening of wrinkles and tones sagging skini

Acupressure Facial Massage
Acupressure Facial Massage
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