What Is Oncology Massage Therapy?

Oncology is the branch of medicine that deals with the study and treatment of cancer. Oncology is a multidisciplinary field that involves different research, medical and alternative therapy techniques.

Oncology massage therapy is a form of massage therapy that is designed to help patients suffering from cancer. It can be used as an adjunct during the treatment process and also provides relief to those in the post-recovery phase.


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How Does Oncology Massage Therapy Work?

Oncology massage therapy combines many different forms of massage therapy such as acupressure and Swedish massage. It focuses on improving the immune system and blood circulation and is invaluable in helping the body fend off the debilitating effects of chemotherapy. This highly specialized form of massage therapy is carried out by massage therapists who are specially trained to deal with cancer patients.

A typically massage session will consist of a pre-massage consultation to enquire about the course of the treatment and any specific problem areas, followed by the actual massage process. Prior to starting the massage the therapist will also identify sensitive areas that need should not be massaged, but can benefit through light touch and acupressure techniques. A typical massage session may take up to sixty minutes and will be a combination of various massage modalities specially designed to aid cancer recovery.

What Are The Benefits Of Oncology Massage Therapy?

Oncology massage therapy is primarily used to complement traditional medicinal and radiological cancer treatments.

It is especially effective in counteracting the myriad side effects associated with chemotherapy.

Oncology massage therapy helps to alleviate cancer related and cancer treatment related pain. It also helps to control the frequent bouts of nausea that are experienced by patients undergoing treatment. Oncology massage therapy also reduces anxiety in patients and can help improve sleep patterns in cancer patients. It has also found to be effective in treating cancer related fatigue. Massage also stimulates the flow of blood and strengthens the immune system, thereby helping the body fight off the effects of the cancer and chemotherapy.

The treatment of cancer is a complicated affair and it should be ensured that proper medical attention is sought at all times. Oncology massage therapy is a valuable adjunct to cancer treatment, provided that it is carried out by trained professionals in consultation with your chosen cancer specialist. A close liaison between your doctor and the massage therapist is essential, as it ensures that the massage therapy will not cause any contraindications.

Oncology Massage Therapy
Oncology Massage Therapy
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