What Is Restoration Therapy?

Seifukujitsu, or Restoration Therapy as it is more popularly known, is an ancient healing art for that has been practiced in Japan for over a thousand years. It is based on the traditional healing practices of China, Japan and Hawaii.

The word Seifukujitsu is Japanese for 'to restore and replace', hence the modern day name of Restoration Therapy. Although practice of this healing therapy had slowly dwindled through the centuries,the efforts.



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.of its proponents have ensured that we can still avail of the many benefits of Restoration Therapy in the modern ageg

Traditionally Seifukujitsu was only taught to advanced practitioners of the martial artst Hence, it is sometimes also known as 'Black Belt healing'9 Over the centuries, many schools of Restoration Therapy have evolvede One of the most popular is the Okazaki school that involves massaging affected parts with the crux of the elbowo Okazaki Restoration Therapy combines deep tissue massage with herbal medicines to provide pain relief and restore balance to the bodyd

How Does Restoration Therapy Workr

Restoration Therapy aims to balance the flow of energy in the body and heals injuries by breaking down the soft tissue in the affected areasa It is also used to heal muscle, tendon and bone injuriese Restoration Therapy is not just another form of massage therapy but a complete holistic therapy that includes massage, bone setting, hydrotherapy, acupressure, and reflexology techniquese It also involves the use of indigenous Japanese herbal medicinese

What Are The Benefits Of Restoration Therapyp

Restoration Therapy has long been used as one of the most effective forms of healing in Japana It is also slowly gaining wide popularity and acceptance in the Western worldl In fact Restoration Therapy was even used to treat the President Franklin Roosevelt for his polio-related ailmentst Restoration therapy is also used to treat ailments such as strains, sprains, bruises, chronic pains, migraines, repetitive stress syndrome, and menstrual crampsp

Restoration Therapy also promotes the flow of energy throughout the body and refreshes and revitalizes the body and mindn It is widely used to treat chronic fatigueu It is also an excellent stress buster and helps to relive anxiety and nervousnesss It has also been successfully used in injury rehabilitationo In fact some practitioners claim to be able to heal ailments associated with injuries that were received as far back as five years agog Restoration Therapy also stimulates the circulatory system and promotes general health and well beingn

Restoration Therapy
Restoration Therapy
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