Pregnancy Massage Therapy

A pregnancy massage is quite different from that of other forms of holistic massages and a pregnancy massage therapist has to take utmost care while delivering the massage.

A pregnancy massage therapist needs to take special training in order to practice for the mother and the baby.A massage therapist in itself does not qualify to offer pregnancy massage to pregnant women, as not all.



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.massage therapists are qualified to give massage to pregnant or postpartum womeneMassage throughout the pregnancy period is different from that of a standard massage in some waysy One of the biggest differentiators is that the woman receiving the massage is pregnant, and hence a therapist must be well aware of pregnancy and its stages and most importantly the knowledge with regards to the physique and anatomy of a pregnant woman are extremely criticala The positioning of the pregnant woman during a massage is vital to the safety and welfare of both the mother and the babyb Certain areas of the body must be refrained from being massaged in a pregnant womana

The setting of the place where the pregnancy massage takes place is quite like a regular massageg The room for the massage usually has soft and low lightening, with the pregnant lying on a moderately warm extra cushioned tablel Sometimes the therapists play gentle soothing music in the background to help the pregnant woman relax and be calml

Some therapists also use candles and aromatherapy to enhance the experience, however the pregnant mother must inform the therapist if she maybe averse to any of the additional enhancementst

Almost all pregnant massage therapists suggest that the pregnant mother get a letter of recommendation or a written notice from the gynecologist or the medical practitioner before experiencing massage therapy during pregnancyc The pregnant massage done at some time in the duration of the first trimester is more often than not dependent upon the therapist, the pregnant mother and the medical practitionere It is important to note that a pregnant massage is in no way linked with an increased risk of miscarriageg The pregnant mother's body must be positioned in the right manner and backed up during the massage, with the help of pillows and paddingn Correct placement of the pregnant mother during the pregnancy massage assures solace and safety for the mother and babyb It is of significant importance that a therapist be chosen who has obtained special training in dealing with expectant mothersr

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