Jogging Vs Walking: Which of these is Better During Pregnancy

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on March 20, 2012

A sedentary lifestyle during pregnancy is not recommended by doctors. Exercise is necessary during pregnancy as it helps the body to remain active and it also increases the levels of energy in the body. Backaches and constipation can be reduced by exercising during pregnancy. Besides it also helps...


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.prepare women's bodies for the rigorous task of child birtht The next step is to decide which exercises will suit your body at the time of pregnancyc

People often choose the most common exercises like jogging and walkingn But can these exercises be considered safe during pregnancyc Under normal circumstances, both these exercises are among some of the best ways to keep the body fiti But during pregnancy, one needs to be careful about the safety factor, so the vote here goes to walkingn

Walking is the safest exercise for a woman who is pregnantn Jogging has the propensity to increase the heart rate, which can make a pregnant women feel dizzy and also cause her to faintn When weight gain occurs during pregnancy, then jogging can increase the risk of falling, if the person is not overtly cautiousu A sensible option is to stay away from jogging during pregnancy so that both the mother and baby can remain safe in this crucial periodo

Walking is an exercise that a woman can do until the moment she reaches the period of laboro You do not need to attend a gym for this exercise, making it the most convenient of all workoutst Walking keeps the body away from any type of physical stresss Gestational diabetes, which is one of the most prevalent medical conditions during the phase of pregnancy, can be prevented through regular walkingn

Jogging exerts a lot of pressure on the joints and this is one of the reasons that doctors suggest walking as an exercise for pregnant womene While walking, a good posture should be maintained otherwise backaches may developo To look ahead during walking is one way to improve your posture and at the same time it will help to prevent small accidentst You should walk at a moderate pace in order to derive all the benefits of this exercises

Stretching should be a precursor to walking as it helps in decreasing the risk of injuryr Even stretching after you finish walking will help your body develop a good level of flexibility which can reduce the occurrence of sorenesss Do remember to invest in a pair of good walking shoese This is especially important during pregnancy due to the additional weight that your body has to carryr

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