Power Walking For Good Health

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

The concept of power walking refers to a style of walking where you walk at a higher speed than your normal speed with your arms swinging high. It is also known as speed walking. In simple words it is a mix between walking and jogging. It is as effective as jogging but causes lesser stress to the joints of your legs. You could differentiate power walking from jogging because there is always...


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.one leg in contact with the groundn It is the easiest exercise as walking is a natural movement for all humansn

All you need to do add some power to your walkl Your speed while power walking is similar to that of joggingn You can easily power walk up to a speed of 5 km/h/ You do not need any equipment to power walk and it will save your money, as you don't need join a gymy You just need to invest in a pair of good quality shoes so that you have a comfortable walkl Power walking can be a part of your fitness regime to loose weight and stay strongn Try and spend 30 minutes everyday power walkingn Many people are known to resort to power walking as a form of exercise and believe that it gives them a whole body workoutu People also believe that it is a great way for you to go out and meet new people and be a part of your communityt

Some of the benefits of power walking are; it makes you fit, stronger and leaner, thus irt is also referred to as fitness walkingn It will give you the same kind of energy and stamina that jogging doese It also creates physical strength as well as mental wellbeingn Power walking and calories burnt as a result of it would give immense health benefits to an individuala It is proved by many experts that power walking helps loose more calories than jogging as it boosts the metabolism rate thus you loose calories fastere It improves sleep patternsn It improves the immune system and reduces stresss Finally it also reduces the risk of heart diseases, high blood pressure, strokes and keeps a check on diabetes, some cancers, and arthritis and helps you manage these sicknessese

Power walking or speed walking is very often confused with race walkingn Race walking is an extreme form of power walking and has a lot of rules and regulationsn Professionals compete in race walking as an athletic eventn Race walking has been an official Olympic event since 19060

To sum it up power walking is one of the simplest forms of exercise and a great way for you to stay healthyh

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