Yoga Therapy For Obesity

Yoga therapy for Obesity is very relevant in the present day competitive world. Here every one is racing with time and it is becoming virtually impossible to find time to workout. Oftentimes, even when people do find time lethargy takes over.

Yoga therapy teaches that it’s all in the mind. This is where Yoga therapy steps in, to give us the will power so needed to adhere to regularity of workouts that is so crucial to a steady maintenance of the weight.


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Only Yoga seems to have understood that obesity is a problem that takes root in the mind. This is just like many other illnesses we come across. This results in extremely accelerated activity first in the mind in the form of desires or lethargy or suppressed intense bouts of worry during depression. This comes out in the form of disturbed prana which, subsequently, turns up as imbalance in the rhythm and rate of breathing. This could also show up as too much unwarranted dominance of one nostril breathing. When you attempt to set the problem right, you end up making note of these facts and work the whole body. This is to restore balance through deep rest and relaxation and activation of the energy expenditure channels.

Yoga poses, cleansing techniques (Kriyas) and breathing exercises constitute the set of practices for controlling obesity and shedding weight. These should be done for at least an hour and should include 30 – 40 minutes strenuous physical workouts. These are done for stretching and are to be followed by deep relaxation of different parts of the body. All this is done in order that fat may be mobilized and expended for the further extra energy used during walking or any other vigorous functions. Meaning to say, you should practice any other physical activity such as walking or jogging or sports besides practising Yoga poses and exercise if you wish to derive full benefit of the program. All said and done, Yoga therapy helps you overcome the stress and lethargy.

Yoga Therapy  For Obesity
Yoga Therapy for Obesity
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