Understand Illness and Its Control

For optimum health, we must first understand illness and its control. Oftentimes it happens that, when you fell stressed out about something at nights you tend to carry that worry with you to bed. This leads to a disturbed sleep.

Disturbed sleep, in turn, leads to a stale feeling in the morning. Yoga therapy postulates you will normally find that on such a morning your bowel movement will not be so satisfactory either.


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But most people tend to ignore this signal, and move on with their daily lives. The next day, again, that unsettled problem and one’s inability to let go of yesterday’s feeling shoves the matter deeper into the mind. One might not even be aware of it in one’s conscious mind. However deep down inside, it still remains there unsettled. In the meantime, the issue of bowel movement slowly and steadily turns into chronic constipation.

So what should you do? Adopt the simple Mantra – “Detoxify and Discover." This two pronged technique is enough to help anyone live a life where YOU are the one in charge. To really take charge of one’s body and health, one has to be free of toxins and impurities. To really understand illness and its control, Yoga therapy has given us valuable Yoga cleansing techniques. This constitutes preventive health maintenance.

It is the only path to the good health that all truly seeks. Rather than a tough-to-practice way, Yoga therapy gives these incremental steps toward this goal. These Yoga cleansing techniques are extremely fulfilling by themselves.

The body is constantly emitting by way of indigestion. In so doing, it is asking you to resolve issues, to stop and think. However, most people choose to ignore these signs and symptoms. Instead, what do they do – pop in pills (laxatives in a variety of forms) and get temporary relief. However, this is only means getting the constipation back once you stop using your the pills.

Yoga therapy has given Yoga cleansing techniques that, automatically, cleanse the body of toxins. Together with them, if you take up the complete practice of Yoga – yoga poses and breathing experiences and meditation, you are on your way to optimum health.

Know Illness And Its Control
Understand Illness and Its Control
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