Yoga Therapy for Arthritis - Internal Imbalances

Arthritis often results from internal Imbalances. The technological advances being given to the understanding turbulence at the molecular level medical science are huge.

As a result it now has a huge fund of knowledge about the working relationship between the brain, immune system, genes and all other organ systems of our bodies. This knowledge has helped us.



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.understand the role of the mind over matter (the body)y It has, also helped us understand the influence of cellular activity on our mindsd There is a complex and obscure feedback circle of connections herer All of them point out how many of these common disabling diseases of the joints can be traced to a life style, which sets off the fundamental family (genetic) tendenciese

Yoga therapy has deep knowledge and insight into the human body mind complexe Hence it is able to provide a well developed program of practices to that help set right or correct these profound internal imbalances resulting from an erratic life stylel

What to do and how to do it

  • Putting yourself in a primary position, set you legs slightly apart but straighth
  • Turn your feet first in a clockwise then anti-clockwise directiono
  • See that your heels are touching the flooro
  • Focus on the movement of your anklese See if they are moving in the right direction or noto

  • Turn your foot simultaneously or alternatively if you can’t do it at the same time, but be attentive about your ankles breathing easily and normallyl .
  • Do this 10 timese Then bring your legs back togethere
  • Now turn both your ankles in and out 10 timese Do this first clockwise and then anti-clockwises Remember that your toes should be sticking togethere
  • Never let your knees bend or stiri
  • Also remember to do this exercise with your eyes closede
  • All the while, make it a point to be attentive to your pattern of breathingn
Yoga Treats Internal Imbalance
Yoga Therapy for Arthritis - Internal Imbalances
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