Yoga Therapy for Mental Problems

Mental problems – anxiety and depression – are so common nowadays that Yoga therapy for mental problems is becoming increasingly popular, by the day. All people go through this some time or the other in life.

Mental problems are a normal – and even helpful – reaction to the strenuously demanding situations of everyday life. Anxiety and depression are among the many emotions that people undergo in life in response to a variety of situations.


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It adversely affects the work and mental health when it occurs too often and lasts too long. Depression and Anxiety take on the form of a disease when they affect you for months and disturb the quality of life when it becomes mandatory to seek medical help. The number of people suffering from anxiety and depression is on the increase and has become a common problem of modern progressive affluent society.

Can mental problems help in any way?

a. Normally anxiety is known to have 2 effects

  • Preventive Anxiety: This is called Signal Anxiety (fight response and is a good response. It is an ability to anticipate danger. It also helps you to take necessary precautions, and acclimatize suitably to different situations. This helps you cope up healthily.

  • Panic or Severe Anxiety: This is called Traumatic Anxiety (flight response) and constitutes inability to cope or adjust to the demanding situation. As a result the sufferer could be plagued by a variety of anxiety disorders.

b. Depression, on the other hand, is another form of response to emotionally demanding situations. This too can be of 2 types and both depend on severity.

  • Depression, in its mild form, takes the person into his / her inner being and opens up the inner wisdom which helps the individual to move towards a mature personality.
  • Severe depression leads to unmanageable degree of chemical imbalances. This calls for correction through medication.

Yoga therapy for mental problems:

Lots of Sun Salutations to tire out the body

All the Yoga poses in the following positions;

  • Standing
  • Seated
  • Supine
  • Prone
  • Inverted

The following breathing exercises:

  • Kapalabhati
  • Anuloma-Viloma
  • Brahmari

Loads and loads of Shavasana

If shut-eyed relaxation agitates you further, do it with open eyes, gazing calmly at the ceiling.

Yoga For Mental Problems
Yoga Therapy for Mental Problems
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