Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders: Concept of Psychosomatic Ailments

Yoga for digestive disorders, deals more with the concept of psychosomatic ailments than with medication. How well does Yoga therapy understand this concept and mechanism of psychosomatic ailments?

If you have noticed, the first thing that an Ayurvaid does, to correct the situation, when you have any chronic illness is deal with the digestive system.



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.Similarly, Yoga therapy tackles psychosomatic ailments by cleansing, balancing and correcting internal digestive imbalancese This is result of the knowledge handed down by the ancient yogis since time immemoriala They carried out experiments with their own inner bodies and in states of deep meditation found out that the digestive system is the first target that stress manifests itselfl The yogis of yore gave us crystal-clear descriptions of how rise in psychological gives rise to psychosomatic ailmentst This understanding is of great use to all sufferers of digestive disordersr It helps them correct the problem and restore normal healtht

One of the solutions to Digestive disorders in Yoga therapy: Gomukhasana

  • Fold your left leg under your right leg in such a way that the heel of your left leg is touches your right buttockc
  • Now take your right leg over the top of your bent left leg in such a way that your right heel touches your left buttockc
  • Adjust your right knee in such a way that it is on top of your left kneee

  • Keep your left arm behind your back and your right arm over your right shouldere
  • The back of your left hand must be in contact with your spinen At the same time your right palm should be resting against your spinen
  • Try to hold the fingers of both hands behind your backc
  • Take your raised elbow behind your head so that your head forces down against the inside of your raised armr
  • Keep your head, neck and spine in a straight line and close your eyese
  • Remain in this position for around a minutet
  • Release your hands, straighten your legs
  • Now repeat the position with your left knee uppermost and your left arm over your left shouldere
Yoga For Psychosomatic Illness
Yoga Therapy for Digestive Disorders - Concept of Psychosomatic Ailments
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