Yoga on The Keyboard

Yoga on the Keyboard is part of Yoga therapy and consists of Yoga poses that are easy and effortless. They are specially designed for one's chair or at a work station. The instructions are simple and easily manageable.

Above all the practitioner feels terrific even by doing just one or two of the exercises. They can be done any time, anywhere as well as everywhere.

Feet and Legs


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Feet and Legs

The feet and legs are one's roots to Mother Earth. They form our base, the foundation to our castles in the air. Feet and legs create motility; they provide us direction. Many a time while on the keyboard, our feet and legs fall asleep unless we make it a point to take regular breaks. Feet and legs are fond of walks, rubs, movement and, above all, like the rest of us, attention.

Point and Flex

Get to the edge of your chair and begin with both feet planted firmly on the floor. Now stretch the left leg laying the foot on the center back of the left heel. Firm the upper left thigh. Do this by straightening the left leg to the floor. Inhale deeply and point the toes forward. Now, with a deep exhalation slowly flex the foot back. Make sure to arch the toes and the spaces between them while breathing continuously. Do this 5 - 6 times and then go do it with the right foot.

Ankle Twists

Begin by planting both feet firmly on the floor. Stretch the left leg resting on the center back of the left heel.

Firm up the upper left thigh. Do this by straightening the left leg to the floor. Point the toe; slowly turn the left foot around the ankle clockwise. Then turn the left foot slowly around the ankle anti-clockwise. Do this 5 times in both directions as slowly as possible. The left sole of the foot should be resting on the floor when you start with the other (right) foot.

Straight Leg Forward Bend

Stretch the left leg in front. Makes sure it is resting on the back center of the left heel. Plant the right sole of firmly into the ground. Firm up the upper left thigh and flex the left foot. Try to create spaces between the toes pressing out of the ball of the left foot. Make sure to place your hands on your right bent knee. Then slowly lower the chest towards the extended left leg. Taking around 5 leisurely, deep breaths proceed to the right leg.

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Yoga on The Keyboard
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