Royal pigeon Pose

(July 4, 2010)

How To Perform Royal pigeon Pose?

The royal pigeon pose is known as Eka Pada Rajkapotasana. It is an advanced pose which should not be fully attempted by beginners who may not be flexible enough. The pose begins on all fours. The position should be such that the legs make a right angle at the knee. This means the thighs will be absolutely vertical and the lower legs absolutely horizontal and parallel to the floor. This position, like many other yoga positions is a double sided position. It can be performed with the right leg forward or with the left leg forward. Usually, in a correct sequence of positions, the left sided position follows immediately after the right sided position.

For the step by step explanation of this position, we will focus on the right side movement only. From the starting position, move the right knee forward so that it is behind the wrist of the right hand that is placed on the floor. The right leg can then be angled out of the body so that the foot is in front of the left knee and the right knee is pointing away from the body. At this time, the leg will be resting on the outer side of the shin.

The left leg should now be straightened behind the body and it should be extended exactly straight. There should be no bend in the left leg away from the body. Once the leg is extended backwards, move the right foot closer to the body so that it is in front of the left side of the waist. At this point, the body will be in a state of movement and will not be resting.

In order to rest the body in this pose, perform a few exhalations and lay the body down so that it is resting its weight on the area between the left and right thigh. After this phase, the position goes into a stretching sequence.

The stretch is performed by moving the hands so that they are ahead of the pelvis but behind the extended shin of the front (in this case, right) leg. With the fingers pressed to the floor, lift the torso up and straighten the back. This position is known as the royal pigeon pose, so remember to straighten the body as if it is standing proudly. Remember not to lift the body off the ground; the arms are simply used to straighten the back.  Once you have achieved the final position, take a few deep breaths and hold the pose for about 30 seconds.

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