Knock off the Back Bulge with Yoga

Submitted by Allan on May 13, 2013
If you have a back bulge or hangover of fat in the waistline area, you will want to get to work on your body. There are so many options that are available for losing weight and burning fat, so the first step is to decide which fitness routine will suit you best.


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A little known fact is that you can also use several different yoga poses to tone back muscles as well. So apart from calorie-burning cardio exercises, you can also include some of the following yoga poses to your routine.

Warrior III Pose

This is a great pose for toning your back and your abdominal muscles.

Perform this several times a day to get the benefits you want. It is a slightly more challenging variation of the traditional warrior pose and is ideal for those at the intermediate level of yoga practice. The pose not only tones your muscles but has back and shoulder benefits too. With the help of this pose, you can strengthen your back and your shoulder joints.

Half Moon Pose

The half moon pose gives your abdomen and back a nice stretch. It has both back and side of torso benefits. If you are not happy with your love handles, this pose is just right for you. It stretches and tones your back as well as the sides of your torso. It also strengthens the thighs, buttocks and the abdomen.

Dolphin Plank Pose

This pose is great for your upper back, arms and abdomen. It not only stretches but also strengthens your shoulders. It lubricates your shoulder joints and is very beneficial for your bone structure as well. It can help prevent osteoporosis and relieve stress.

Bow Pose

This is another great pose for stretching. It stretches your entire torso and the sides of your body. This is an ideal pose for losing the overflowing fat from the sides of your back. It can also help you tone the muscles in the thighs, groin, chest, abdomen, and the hip flexors. It not only tones the back muscles, but strengthens them as well.

Locust Pose

This is a slight backbend pose which focuses on toning your abdominal and back muscles. It is great for strengthening and realigning the back as well as the abdomen. By aligning the backbone, this pose also helps you improve your posture and stimulate the organs in your abdomen.

Wheel Pose

The wheel pose is a slightly difficult pose to perform, ideal for those at the expert level in yoga. This pose stretches the entire body and especially works on the back and the abdomen, both strengthening and toning the muscles at the same time.

Side Plank Pose

As the name suggests, this is the plank pose performed sideways. It is great for stretching and toning the sides of your torso. It can not only slim you down and burn that back fat, it can also stimulate the organs in your abdomen.

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