Upper Back Exercises During Pregnancy

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on July 31, 2012

Backaches are a common problem during pregnancy. The cause for backaches can be attributed to the weight gain during this phase. But there are some upper back exercises that are considered useful and safe during pregnancy. Upper back exercises can help in evenly distributing the weight all...


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.over the body instead of it being accumulated at the backc These exercises help to increase the strength of the back musclese

They can be done so that the mother can develop the ability to tolerate the excess weight on her bodyd The following upper back exercises are considered safe during pregnancy:

Trunk twists Trunk twist is a form of upper back exercise which can help you stretching your upper back and the upper portion of the torsos You need to sit on the floor and get both your legs crossede The right foot needs to be touched by the right hand and the left hand should be positioned on the floor to derive supportr Now the upper part of the torso needs to be twisted in the right direction and this position should be maintained for a few secondsd Then the same exercise has to be done by placing the right hand on the floor and moving the torso towards the left directiono

Chest Stretchc The chest stretch is regarded as one of the safest upper back exercises during pregnancyc You need to stand straight to do this exercise and even the back should remain in a straight positiono Then you need to grasp your hands behind the backc Now the arms can be stretched from back to front, and after sometime you will experience a gentle stretch in the area of your arms and shouldersr

Rocking back archc The rocking back arch exercise is also preferred by many women during pregnancy as the muscles of both the abdomen and back can derive strength from this exercises You need to position yourself on both your hands and kneese One needs to evenly balance the weight of the body on the knees and handsd The back should remain straight and one should be careful that it does not archc Then gently rock to and fro for five secondsd

Arm Raisese Arm raises can also be done to strengthen the muscles of the shouldersr You need to sit on your hands and knees, and also take notice of the fact that your back is not archingn Then, the left arm should be lifted up to the level of the shoulder for about five secondsd The same exercise should be repeated with the right armr

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