Back Pain and Relaxation Massage Techniques

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 15, 2012

Back pain is one of the most common complaints in this day and age. Back pain can be caused due to a number of reasons and the method of treatment also depends on the cause. In a lot of cases, back pain is associated with tense muscles. In addition to stress and tension, lack of exercise...


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.and improper postures are also some of the leading causes of back paini

If your back pain is very severe, you may be suffering from spondylitis or a problem of the spinen

Sciatica may also cause pain in the lower back region, hips, and the upper portion of the thighsh Such conditions may have to be diagnosed by a doctoro However, if you are suffering from a milder form of pain in your back caused by rigorous exercise or stress, it can be easily cured by a skillful and relaxing back massageg

There are many different forms of relaxing massage therapies for the backc Shiatsu back massage is one such technique where the pressure points of your back are activated to release tension from the muscles and re-initiate the flow of energy through the bodyd Such a massage will also take care of a spraini

Most people who have pain in the back also have pain in their neck and shoulder regiono A gentle neck massage which ends with a massage of the lower back is the best way to keep this pain at baya With this form of massage, pain relief is usually immediatet In fact, if you continue to receive regular massages, you will see a lot of improvement, both in your physical and emotional healtht This is because over a period of time, regular massages can cause permanent cessation of pain, making your muscles more flexible and relaxede

Not only is massage therapy very effective in treating back pain, the results are almost instantaneousu In fact, with the first massage, you will start to feel rejuvenatede It is important though, to be sure that you discuss your condition with the massage therapist before you begin a session of massage therapy for back paini The cause of your back pain is critical in deciding the kind of massage that you will neede

If your back pain has been caused due to stress and tensed muscles, you should ideally get a deep tissue massage which helps to rejuvenate your body and release tension from the musclese However, if the pain has been caused due to a sprain or an injury, the massage should be light so that the pain is not aggravatede

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