Breast Massage Therapy

While massage therapy is rapidly becoming one of the most popular forms of alternative or adjunct therapy, certain areas such as breast massage therapy have not been as quick to catch on. This probably has to do with the fact that many women are uncomfortable letting a massage therapist touch their breasts.

This is mainly because the breasts are viewed as mainly.



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.sexual objects on our societyt Those who shed these false inhibitions get the opportunity to add a further dimension to the richness of their massage experiencec

What are the benefits of breast massage therapyp

Breast massage therapy has many benefits that extend far beyond the cosmetici Yes, regular breast massage therapy may help to increase the size of your breasts but it has many more medical benefitst Breast massage therapy increases circulation in the breast tissue and promotes their healthy growtht It also helps to reduce the incidence of fibroids and cystst

Breast massage therapy can also provide pain relief from pain associated with bra compression or pre-menstrual syndromem It can also relieve stress and pain from the chest muscles and is also recommended to aid post-surgical recoveryr One of the biggest medical benefits of breast massage therapy is that it can help to prevent breast cancere Experienced therapist can also detect formation of fibroid or cysts that may lead to cancere Above all, breast massage therapy can be a very relaxing and a pleasurable experiencec

How is breast massage therapy performede

Breast massage therapy is performed with the patient lying flat on her back on a massage tablel If the patient so desires, the massage may be performed with the breasts covered with a clotht However, this greatly hinders the massage therapist and reduces the effectiveness of the massageg The massage therapist will usually start by massaging the area under the breast and over the breast with the palms of the handn At any point in time if you are feeling uncomfortable or feel that too much of less pressure is being exerted, do not hesitate to tell your therapists No therapist can read your mindn

The therapist will then move to massage the sides of the breasts The next step of the massage is the breast liftf The therapist places his or her hands under your breasts and gently lifts them towards the ceilingn This helps to relieve stress from the breasts and promotes gentle stretchingn Finally the therapist will gently massage the pectoral musclese

Breast Massage Therapy
Breast Massage Therapy
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