How often do I workout for knock knees? weekly or daily?

(May 25, 2012)

Knock-knees also known as Genu Valgum in clinical terms is a condition where the knees fall in towards each other and the lower legs stick out at an angle. Knock-knees are more common in children but can also be found in adults. In severe cases, the knees may actually touch each other. Knock-knees are caused either by tight inner thigh muscles that pull the legs inwards or weak outer thigh muscles that fail to prevent the knees from touching.

There are a number of exercises that can help improve alignment and minimize the problem of knock-knees. These include exercises such as seated abduction, standing abduction, lateral lunges, ball squeezes, rubber band squats, lying side leg lifts, and the yoga side plank. Consult an experienced physiotherapist or trainer before performing any new exercises to prevent further injury. When it comes to deciding how often to do these exercises, conventional wisdom states that it is better to rest muscles for a day between workouts. This helps tired muscles recover as well as improve results. Working out any target muscle group such as thighs or abdominal muscles on a daily basis is therefore never recommended.

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