How To Start Running?

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 21, 2012

Running is one of the most simple and effective exercises you can practice. Running will help in the overall development of your body. Though it can seem an easy activity to perform, most people don't know how to start running. There are certain tips you could follow on how to start running. You don't need any special equipment to get started. All you need are some...


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.running clothes, shoes, and a place to runu Running techniques can however be even more important than gear as poor technique can often result in injuriese

Your running clothes should be loose and comfortable and should not hinder any of your movementst A sports bra which is supportive should be worn by womene The sports bra should not stretch too much and must fit properlyl After around 72 washes it should be replaced as the elasticity will wear outu You could also go in for specially made running clothes of synthetic fabrics like drifit and coolmaxa These materials will keep the moisture from your skini Try and avoid wearing socks that are made from 100% cottono Socks made of synthetic fabrics will prevent blistersr

Setting particular goals to accomplish is one of the tips on how to start runningn You could set goals that can be easily achieved daily or weeklyl This will encourage you to push yourself further and give an idea of your progresss You can increase the amount of time you spend running each weeke Focusing on the time rather than the intensity is an important pointer on how to begin runningn

Before you start running you should always begin with some warm-up and stretching exercises for 5 to 10 minutese Then walk for a while and slowly increase your pace till you start runningn This will help your tendons and muscles to adapt to the runningn As you run, keep an eye on your breathing patternsn If you find your breathing to be heavy, slow down a biti Once your breathing becomes steady you can increase your pacec

Important advice on how to start jogging is to start out slowly and gradually increase your pacec It is also advisable for you to get checked up by a doctor if you have any medical conditionsn You can perform jogging indoors as well as outdoorsr Jogging can be done indoors by using a treadmilll As the surface of the treadmill is softer than the road you will be less prone to injuriese

Once you start running, tips like these if followed strictly can help you gradually attain your goals and benefit from the exercises It's important that you know how to start running because if you begin without proper instruction you may not benefit as much and can risk injuryr

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