Prana Power Yoga

Prana Power Yoga is a totally new concept derived from Power Yoga, derived, in turn from the age old practice and principles of Yoga. This one is done in a heated room with a Yoga flow which challenges the practitioner like no other.

Prana Power Yoga is a teaching methodology that encourages breakthrough insight. It also gives the practitioner an experience that leaves him / her feel awake and aware, energized and revitalized, and cleansed and calm.


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Prana Power Yoga is for you if you want to shift your personal growth into gear, transform your body, and find bliss. It is a path that thousands of successful Prana Power Yoga students have already taken! This astounding practice can be practised by people of both sexes at all levels, from beginners to experienced studentss Here’s what one Prana Power Yoga practitioner has to sayy

“For the past 3 years, I’ve been into Yoga on a regular basis at various health clubs in the areaa Then I came across the concept of Pranaa I wanted to learn more about it for all benefits, guidance and spiritual insights it inducess

I have been a fitness expert for a number of years and have been physically fit for most of my lifee I still do my weekly strength and cardio training regimenss However, since taking up Prana Power Yoga there has been a new meaningg This is even beyond the physical for me, beyond my wildest dreams, evenn Prana Power Yoga has consummated my Quest to optimal spiritual and emotional healthh It has taken on such a deep, thoughtful meaning in my life, the kind of feeling which is so intense at times, I find myself leaving sessions almost in tearss It moves me in an incomprehensible and unfathomable waysssimply too beautifuli What more can I say ”

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