Progressive Power Yoga For Healthy Body

Mark Blanchard’s Progressive Power Yoga is strongly featured in the May issue of Allure Magazine. Its cover story features 5 leading celebrity trainers as they work with 5 different candidates to reach a total physical revolution in a 6-week duration.

Mark Blanchard is one of the 5 coaches featured and the only Yoga teacher. He worked with Jessica and set up a regimen comprising primarily 90-minute Progressive Power Yoga sessions.


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This is for 5 times a week together with a levelheaded diet. No homework, no hiking, no jogging. This does not mean it was easy as unrolling a sticky mat.

The results are obvious after just 6 weeks. Jessica, mother of 2 went from 153 pounds to 138 pounds and dropped an impressive 12% in body fat. This even surpassed the results of the other 4 candidates in the feature whose routines included weights, crunches, machines, and cardio. Blanchard said that this could prove once and for all how Yoga isn’t just about sitting cross-legged on a mat, eyes shut. Progressive Power Yoga is a severe passionate workout routine. It burns fat and calories and can change one’s physique from head to toe. Jessica worked assiduously and religiously with Blanchard through personal sessions, classes at this studio, and via his DVDs when session timings were conflicted.

Progressive Power Yoga is an upbeat Yoga workout. It consists of high energy flowing poses and synchronized breathing. It is reported that participants can even burn up to 700 calories per session (90 minutes). Progressive Power Yoga also helps boost energy levels, shape muscles, add to mental clarity, raise metabolism levels, and improve the working of the immune system.

One of chief distinguishing traits of Progressive Power Yoga is its traditionalist approach. Classes aren’t sorted out or classified according to levels. Even the sessions are not accompanied by music or props. On the contrary, participants just practice to the music of their own breath. Progressive Power Yoga is done in more than70 countries worldwide.

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