Walk Away The Pounds

Submitted by Kevin Pederson on February 20, 2012

If that New Year's resolution to lose weight faltered after just two months, you are probably staring at some very ugly numbers on the weighing scale. You may not be able to turn back time, but you still have a chance to walk away the pounds.

When you are trying to lose those extra pounds, exercise can be quite frustrating. No matter what you do, that stubborn belly fat just will not disappear.


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You must remember that, while you can walk away the pounds, the calories burned depend on not only your exercise regime but also your food intake. They are not mutually exclusive and must go hand in hand.

If you want to lose weight quickly and get into shape for an anniversary or a beach vacation, you are probably scouting for a quick workout with maximum benefits.

There is a lot to choose from: Swimming, cycling, running, power sports, weights, or just yoga. Once you have lost a few pounds, you can walk away the pounds and maintain that weight with a conscious eye on what you eat.

Does 'walk away the pounds' work?

With so many activities to choose from, why should you pick walking to bust that fat? For starters, walking is a moderate intensity activity that is gentle on your back and knees. It fits into a busy schedule. You can build a walking routine to suit you. Try thirty minutes a day for three days or break it down into 10 minute bouts three times a day. There is no difference in the measure of calories burned whether you walk continuously or break it up and do an intense short session. Distance and speed matters when you are trying to walk away those reluctant pounds. You can choose to walk away the pounds with a 3 mile loop at an aerobic pace; or you can increase your distance and walk away the pounds with a 5 mile loop. Add inclines to your walking routine and watch the calories melt away.

You could also walk away the pounds by introducing simple changes in your day-to-day activities like:

  • Fight the urge to drive to the near by convenience store, try walking instead
  • Walk away the pounds by taking stairs at your work and not resorting to a ride in the elevator
  • You can walk away the pounds and spend time with your kids by going on a hike with your family
  • Download your favorite workout music or audio books onto your mp3 player; make your workout enjoyable and walk away the pounds

Before you set out on any workout routine, take the time for a medical check up and let your doctor know about it. Avoid a hectic workout if you have been diagnosed with any medical conditions that need you to be careful.

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